Christian Schools Will Gladly Accept Taxpayer Money, But Not Gay Kids

School vouchers, in theory, give low-income students the opportunity to attend the same parochial and private schools their wealthier counterparts can afford. In practice, they siphon money away from already-struggling public schools and into organizations that routinely expel kids for being gay. And no one is doing… » 10/10/13 5:50pm 10/10/13 5:50pm

Republican Horrified to Discover that Christianity Is Not the Only…

It's an honest mistake, assuming that the Constitution only protects your own personal megachurch faith. But one Louisiana Republican is learning the hard way that religious school vouchers can be used to fund education at all sorts of religious schools, even Muslim ones. And while she's totally in favor of taxpayer… » 7/06/12 11:00am 7/06/12 11:00am