Special-Ed Teacher Fired for Using School Gmail To Respond To Craigslist Hook-Up Ads

A (super-ripped) P.S. 183 special-ed teacher named Matthew Maleski, who'd clocked in just over a year at the school, has been fired for responding to Craigslist hook-up ads from a Gmail account that he shared with another teacher, reports NYDN. The other teacher informed Principal Tara Napoleoni of Maleski's… »3/09/13 3:00pm3/09/13 3:00pm

New York City Puts Public School Students on a Diet, Because the Kids are Too Damn Fat

Want to hear something depressing? According to teachers' estimates, two-thirds of students in some public schools rely on school lunch as their primary source of caloric intake. Want to hear something else depressing (YES!) According to government data, between 16 and 33% of American children and teens are obese.… »9/04/12 6:50pm9/04/12 6:50pm

Is It Worth It To Do Away With a Month of Public School Summer Vacation?

This year's back-to-school trend is going back to school a month early: more public schools are adding 20 days to the traditional 180-day school calendar. According to the New York Times, only around 170 schools, more than 140 of them charter schools, have made the switch in recent years. But Obama is a big supporter… »8/06/12 10:30am8/06/12 10:30am