Police Suggest You Conduct Your Craigslist Transactions Down at the Station

Police in Milwaukee are offering a unique service: they'll let you conduct your Craigslist transactions inside the police station, to prevent you from being robbed. Handy! The idea came about after a big uptick in robberies that occurred during the hand-off of goods sold on Craigslist. Police officer Lisa Staffold… » 1/25/12 12:05am 1/25/12 12:05am

Town Terrorized By Weed-Toting Gossip Girl Star Named America's Safest City

According to Forbes, Plano, Texas, is America's safest city, followed by the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada, and Honolulu. The results are based on analysis of violent crime and traffic fatality rates, and frankly we're a bit surprised to see the affluent Dallas suburb top the list. Can anyone really feel safe… » 12/29/11 10:30am 12/29/11 10:30am