Protest Erupts After New Hampshire Pub Tells Breastfeeding Woman to Holster Her Boobs

Since New Hampshire protects public breastfeeding, it probably came as something of a shock to Hillsborough resident Jane Healy when the wait staff at Tooky Mills Pub (yet more proof that New Hampshire is the land of hobbits at heart) told her to cover up the exposed breast she was using to placate her hungry… »8/09/12 10:50am8/09/12 10:50am


Public Breastfeeding Needs a Less Articulate Infant Spokesperson

Encouraging women to breastfeed is good, sure, but this commercial from Louisville has made two huge miscalculations: the baby is unnervingly talkative and flashes some serious nipple-menacing teeth. A less creepy campaign — and this is going to sound crazy — might have just featured women breastfeeding at the park,… »4/24/12 9:30am4/24/12 9:30am