Secondhand Violence and PTSD: An Interview with Mac McClelland 

In June 2011, Mac McClelland published an essay called "I'm Going to Need You to Fight Me On This" in GOOD Magazine. It was a first-person piece about her use of violent sex as a means of dealing with PTSD, which she said had gripped her after a series of traumatizing events on a reporting trip to Haiti. Her account… »3/04/15 1:30pm3/04/15 1:30pm


Black Women Twice as Susceptible to PTSD After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

As more women between the ages of 25 to 39 are being diagnosed with breast cancer (gaaaah), researchers are taking additional steps to address the emotional and psychological trauma involved in the diagnosis. After analyzing the interviews of over 1,100 women recently diagnosed, the Journal of the National Cancer… »3/02/13 4:45pm3/02/13 4:45pm

Ecstasy Could Help Survivors of Sexual Assault

The party drug MDMA, colloquially known as the party drug Ecstasy, can be used to cure patients of severe post-traumatic stress disorder, according to a study of experimental testing of combining the drug with psychotherapy. The research, however, was not conducted on war veterans, a group most often associated with… »12/03/12 12:15pm12/03/12 12:15pm

Study That Links Abortion and Adverse Mental Problems Actually Bullshit, Say Scientists

Researchers have clarified the results of a much-cited 2009 study that purports to link abortion and lingering crazylady aftereffects of the procedure. And by "clarified," I mean "debunked." The study's hogwash, from top to bottom. And it seems that researchers originally presented deliberately misleading findings in… »3/06/12 7:00pm3/06/12 7:00pm

Another Iraq Vet Arrested For SO's Death • Maternity Leave Makes Euros Afraid Of Women

Where is the mental health outreach for our veterans? John Wylie Needham, an Iraq war veteran who described himself as "falling apart at the seams" upon returning from combat, has been arrested »9/03/08 5:30pm9/03/08 5:30pm for beating his girlfriend to death in Orange County, California. • New reports about in young women who have received shots…