This Is Possibly the Worst Cancer Awareness Ad of All Time

Cancer is a lot of things — fucking unfair, tragic, horrible, frightening, a terrifyingly indifferent monster. Cancer is not a pissing contest. Guess no one told that to the British Pancreatic Cancer Action organization, which this week launched what may be the worst disease awareness ad campaign of all time. "I wish… »2/05/14 6:20pm2/05/14 6:20pm

Hey, Let's Make Fun of All the Dumb Ladies Who Fall Down and Flash Their Underwear On the Subway!

The UK's Network Rail service just released a Candid Camera-type holiday PSA of women falling down and accidentally displaying their underwear at train stations. Apparently, only women need to take care this party season, since "running for a train with high heels, bags of shopping or attempting to carry heavy… »12/13/12 1:20pm12/13/12 1:20pm

New Ad Urges You to Use a Condom Since Someone Else Might Be Mayor of That Dick

These new PSAs for the AIDS Council, put together by the McCann Worldgroup Helsinki ad agency, equate getting busy to checking in on Foursquare. A heterosexual couple touch each other and get undressed; right before he pulls off his skivvies, a map icon pops up with the info, "Cathy Mills and 34 others were here."… »10/19/12 7:45pm10/19/12 7:45pm

'Keep Her on the Field' Campaign Aims to Get Teenage Girls Back in the Game

With the Olympics fast approaching, we're hearing a lot of exciting and encouraging news about female athletes like weightlifter Holley Mangold, diver Brittany Viola and runner Lolo Jones — but, sadly, even with these athletic powerhouses set to compete for the gold in London, women's sports are still at a major… »6/28/12 1:40pm6/28/12 1:40pm