Christie Ally, Not Kirstie Alley, to Plead Guilty in Bridgegate Scandal

This morning I was excited to find that the star of Veronica’s Closet, Kirstie Alley, was back in the news. “Well, at least people are thinking of her,” I thought, as I read my feed, bleary-eyed before my first can of diet coke. I had no idea why Alley was pleading guilty in something called “Bridgegate,” but I was… »5/01/15 1:20pm5/01/15 1:20pm

A Look Back at When Studios Thought They Could Win the War on Piracy

Looking back, it sometimes seems a third of my childhood was spent sitting in front of the TV, rewinding and fast-forwarding VHS tapes. Often, this was just to skip over the FBI’s anti-piracy warning, which—to my baby mind—seemed to occupy more screen time than the movie I was trying to watch. In fact, “The FBI… »4/27/15 3:10pm4/27/15 3:10pm

Here's the Cra-Cra List of Words You and Bae are Now Banned From Using

Tired of people trying to make "fetch happen" or using "bae" in casual conversation like it's an actual word and not something that makes adults sound like they're desperately trying to maintain their "cool person" status? Well, Lake Superior University has published a list of words people MUST. STOP. USING. RTFN. »1/01/15 1:30pm1/01/15 1:30pm

Republican Ad Treats Obama Like an Abusive Boyfriend

"In 2oo8, I fell in love," says an attractive and concerned-looking 30-something lady on a clean white couch. "His online profile made him seem so perfect...I trusted him, but by 2012 our relationship was in trouble, but I stuck with him because he promised he'd be better." Step right up and place your bets: domestic… »9/22/14 5:45pm9/22/14 5:45pm

Jon Hamm, Questlove Star in New White House PSA Against Sex Assault

In May, as part of their campaign to stop sexual assault on college campuses, the White House released a PSA starring Daniel Craig and others encouraging men to prevent sexual assault. They've now created a whole new website about the endeavor, as well as a new commercial starring Jon Hamm, Questlove, Kerry Washington… »9/19/14 10:00am9/19/14 10:00am

Singapore Anti-Groping PSA Features Terrible Puns, Victim-Blaming ‘Tips’

Singapore, which might be one of the worst places in the world if you're looking to break the law, has apparently rolled out an anti-public-groping campaign, which would be very helpful and nice if its street-side ads didn't features incredibly creepy pictures supplemented with a litany of instructions about what… »1/13/13 4:00pm1/13/13 4:00pm

Tavi, Lena Dunham and Lesley Gore Come Together for Pro-Woman 'You Don't Own Me' PSA

The faboosh-lookin' Lesley Gore recently gathered a group of awesome women to help her to create a PSA in which everyone lip-syncs along to her 1963 power anthem "You Don't Own Me" in order to encourage other ladies to vote for Barack Obama in the November 6th election. The video boasts a pretty impressive and… »10/23/12 4:40pm10/23/12 4:40pm

New Ad Urges You to Use a Condom Since Someone Else Might Be Mayor of That Dick

These new PSAs for the AIDS Council, put together by the McCann Worldgroup Helsinki ad agency, equate getting busy to checking in on Foursquare. A heterosexual couple touch each other and get undressed; right before he pulls off his skivvies, a map icon pops up with the info, "Cathy Mills and 34 others were here."… »10/19/12 7:45pm10/19/12 7:45pm

This Porn PSA Might Be the Least Sexy Thing You’ll See All Day

Measure B, a ballot initiative sponsored by the Aids Healthcare Foundation that would require all porn performers to use condoms for movies made in L.A., may initially seem pretty sensible, but it's been a fraught issue. Industry workers, citing test frequency and relatively low rate of HIV among porn performers,… »10/14/12 4:30pm10/14/12 4:30pm

Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead Brings the Election Directly Into Our Vaginas

As much as some would like to pretend otherwise, this war on women business is a legitimate thing that can only get worse if Mitt Romney gets elected. There are several ways of addressing the dangers of the war on women and the upcoming election — You could go the star-studded route, you could get serious or, if… »10/10/12 6:45pm10/10/12 6:45pm