Most Annoying Anti-Abortion Protestor Ever Is Banned From D.C.

Rives Miller Grogan is an adult man who likes to clamber for attention by clutching dolls while screaming at groups of people and climbing trees to avoid confrontation. Surprise: he's an anti-abortion activist! Now, he's officially banned from the District of Columbia after scurrying up a 40-foot tree on Inauguration… »1/24/13 12:10pm1/24/13 12:10pm


Religious Protesters in Indonesia Prevent Lady Gaga from Delivering a Telegram from the Devil

Citing security concerns after especially zealous religious groups protested her upcoming performance, Lady Gaga has cancelled a show in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, surely disappointing the 50,000-plus monsters who'd purchased tickets to the June 3 event. Indonesian police had refused to issue the singer a permit… »5/27/12 11:00am5/27/12 11:00am

Egypt's Military Carries Out Violent Attacks On Women Protesters

Egypt's military rulers continue carry out a brutal crackdown on protesters in Cairo. Fighting has been ongoing for the last several days, and more than 300 people have been injured and at least nine people have been killed. In a shocking scene yesterday, troops viciously attacked a crowd of protesters—in one case… »12/18/11 1:05pm12/18/11 1:05pm