Chris Hemsworth Is So Big He Dwarfs Normal-Sized Penises

Chris Hemsworth, Australian hamburger, has a cameo in the new Vacation reboot as Leslie Mann’s nearly-naked, ultra-well-endowed husband. According to the movie’s writer-directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the process of equipping Hemsworth with his giant movie shlong was vaguely traumatizing. »7/30/15 9:30pm7/30/15 9:30pm


Woman Terrorizes Plane With Fake Leg, Slaps Passengers, Demands Smokes

A woman on a flight to Edinburgh went ballistic when she was told she couldn't have her own parachute or smoke cigarettes on her flight. That's when the prosthetic leg came off and the terror started. If this were a Lifetime movie, it would be called Legs On a Plane and would star Aviva Drescher. Unfortunately, this… »7/31/14 6:20pm7/31/14 6:20pm

Sea Turtle With Prosthetic Limbs Finds Joy Again, and So Can You!

Maybe "joy" is overstating it, since having your front limbs mauled by sharks is a tough thing to get over. But thanks to the perseverance of a group of researchers at the University of Tokyo, loggerhead sea turtle Yu Chan can swim again after a shark attack. 27 prosthesis models later (see? Perseverance), she's… »2/22/13 6:45pm2/22/13 6:45pm

Meet Lily, the Therapy Puppy Who's Getting a Prosthetic Paw

She's an adorable pup who's missing a paw due to complications at birth. However, that doesn't hold Lily back! She's currently training to be a therapy dog to humans who use prosthetic limbs. To relate better to her friends, she's being fitted for her own prosthetic paw. If she likes it, she'll be an inspiration to… »2/10/13 11:45pm2/10/13 11:45pm

Doctor Makes Prosthetic Limbs For Woman & Her Pet Goat

Jenny Brown of New York knew where to turn when her goat Albie had to have his leg amputated because she got a prosthetic leg after losing her leg to cancer as a child. Albie managed to escape a slaughterhouse, but due to injuries he sustained in the process he needed to have his front left leg amputated. He wasn't… »11/28/11 6:40pm11/28/11 6:40pm