Conceal That Pesky Accidental Boner With These New Boxers

Gentlemen, gaze upon your crotch’s deliverance. A team of Washington, D.C. fashion designers has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their new product, Bloxers, a special variety of boxer that will shield your raging boner from view. That’s right: you can pitch a tent at work and proceed with your board meeting, happy,… »7/13/15 10:15pm7/13/15 10:15pm


Prostate Cancer Ad Campaign Threatens Men With Eastern European Butt Probing

During the month of October, you can't watch, read, or buy anything without being made more aware of breast cancer.
The annual October pinksplosion has been so successful in awareness (which is non-profit code for "money") raising that Save The Boobies season has spilled back into September, nearly eclipsing that… »10/07/11 7:40pm10/07/11 7:40pm