Loved The Office? Got Heaps of Cash? You Can Buy Props From the Show.

If you have literally nothing better to do with your money than buy Phyllis Vance's business cards*, you can bid on them and other items from NBC's The Office's set. So far, a picture of Jim and Pam is already at over a thousand dollars, but if you lose, holler at me, I'll make you one for $100. It was totally… » 9/17/13 10:40am 9/17/13 10:40am

The Blogosphere Showers Jezebel With Acceptance, Affirmation

Here at Jezebel we're still learning to love ourselves so we don't totally trust all the positive feedback we've gotten from the internerds since yesterday, especially considering that you people have hearts of nicotine and we know that you're going to turn our use of the phrase "societal cancer" against us someday.… » 5/22/07 6:00pm 5/22/07 6:00pm