This Disney-Themed Mural Is the Best Proposal You Will See This Week

Congratulations, everyone! We've hit another June which means that it's time to dust off our formal wear and head to wedding after glorious wedding where we will eat canapés (what is?) and hear about the magical proposal in 2-5 speeches given by the wedding party. Well, here's a proposal that is actually magical. »6/05/14 11:30pm6/05/14 11:30pm

Crap Proposal from Today Show Gets a Do-Over on Totally Biased

Remember Chirag Shah and Simone Jhingoor? Last month, he proposed to her live on Today, steamrolling over what she thought was her chance to talk about the non-profit where she is employed. Last night, the couple was on Totally Biased with Kamau Bell, where they had a chance to redo the proposal, complete with… »11/08/13 2:10pm11/08/13 2:10pm

Here's a Very Awkward Marriage Proposal That Happened Live on 'Today'

This morning on Today, Al Roker was about to do the weather when he took a detour and introduced a woman who works at a non-profit. Simone Jhingoor was prepared to talk about the Women's Housing and Economic Development Corporation — which sounds great and important — when suddenly, her boyfriend, Chirag Shah, showed… »10/24/13 10:50am10/24/13 10:50am

Watch an RNC Staffer Awkwardly Propose to His Girlfriend

Public marriage proposals seem more like social hostage situations than romantic queries. "Will you marry me? Btw, if you say, ‘No,' all of these people will grind their teeth from the unrelenting awkwardness." With that in mind, try really hard not to squirm while you're watching RNC staffer Bradley Thompson pull… »8/30/12 10:25pm8/30/12 10:25pm

Kanye West Creates Franken-Ring For Kim Kardashian Proposal

Picture, if you will, Kanye West swimming in a vault of precious stones a la Scrooge McDuck; after girlfriend Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized, 'Ye apparently plans to propose with a one-of-a-kind ring made from his late mom Donda's personal jewelry collection. He visited a private jeweler… »7/24/12 9:00am7/24/12 9:00am

Looks Like You Missed National Marriage Proposal Day Again, Loser

The calendar has become crowded with days that double as opportunities to guilt trip your significant other over their failure to comply with Hallmarkian love edicts. National Proposal Day is just one of them, but unlike Valentine's Day and Sweetest Day and Sadie Hawkins Day and every other goddamn holiday involving… »3/21/12 6:30pm3/21/12 6:30pm

Unsuspecting Couple Caught In Viral Marriage Proposal

The young people in this video bravely resisted the urge to have their engagement captured on video and foisted on the public via YouTube. Yet, their effort to not share their joy with total strangers was thwarted when they were caught by a local news camera. Apparently resistance is futile, so if you're thinking… »8/08/11 11:38pm8/08/11 11:38pm