Oh What A Night: The Pastel, Poufy, & Gothic Prom Gowns Of Generations Of Jezebels

Click to viewWow. You guys really outdid yourself with this month's prom edition of Past Fashion. Nearly a hundred of you submitted photo evidence of your various prom night horrors, and you did not disappoint. There were dozens of hues of pink, sparkles and sequins, and bushels of smooshed young breasts yearning to… »6/25/08 3:00pm6/25/08 3:00pm

Some Feminists Not Feeling Bag Maker's Date Rape/Prom Nostalgia

Are we the only ones who failed to lose our virginity at our high school prom? Even Camilla Parker-Bowles got some at her teenage "coming out" party, says Page Six. According to the gossip column, a British documentary airing tomorrow will report that Camilla "lost her innocence at age 17 at the end of a debutante… »5/31/07 2:00pm5/31/07 2:00pm