​Student Asks Miss America to Prom, Gets Suspended

Miss America Nina Davuluri recently visited a Pennsylvania high school to talk about the importance STEM careers, and during a Q & A session 18-year-old Patrick Farves took it upon himself to ask Ms. Davuluri to prom. Honestly anyone who noticed that a nationwide pageant winner was visiting a high school in springtime… » 4/20/14 3:23pm Today 3:23pm

Twitter Ragers, Bomb Threats, Selfies: Teens Now Are Dumber Than Ever

Maybe it's because spring finally arrived, and summer's finally in sight. Maybe it's hormones, or maybe it's just the angst of youth. But for some reason, teens are absolutely, undeniably out of control right now. Forget peak beard—we're at peak dumb teen. » 4/17/14 11:25am Thursday 11:25am

KFC Is Helping Teens Ask Each Other to Prom with the Chicken Corsage

I have no idea what to make of this information. Apparently KFC, that place that sells the chicken fried in the style of Kentucky, has taken up the charitable cause of aiding awkward teens choose a partner to get gussied up with, eat dinner with, and then grind up on to crappy Top 40 hits. Man, viral marketing is… » 4/13/14 4:15pm 4/13/14 4:15pm

Social Media Is Killing High School Dances and Romantic Dreams

What would the late John Hughes say? The director's 1980s flicks were chock-full of school dances, the the tradition is being phased out — in New York State, at least. Instead, teens are connecting on social media platforms like Snapchat, where it’s easier to make bad decisions if you can convince yourself that it » 3/14/14 5:30pm 3/14/14 5:30pm

Teens: Don't Pay for Pre-Prom Photography. You're Smarter Than That.

I was one of those kids who did my high school prom on a budget. I got a cheap dress, ate at a cheap restaurant and drove all of my friends to the actual dance in my folks' Nissan Quest. I didn't take a date because no one asked me and I was too shy to ask anyone, so all of the photos taken by my parents are of me… » 5/29/13 4:50pm 5/29/13 4:50pm

Integrated Prom Is Not So Integrated -- But Trailblazing Nonetheless

A mixed-race group of students at Wilcox County High School in south Georgia received worldwide attention earlier this year when they raised money to throw the area's first racially integrated prom after the school refused to fund the event. (Yes, in 2013.) Although it seems that few white kids deigned to dance at the… » 5/24/13 12:35pm 5/24/13 12:35pm

Kid Who Asked Kate Upton to Prom Gets a Hot Runner-Up Model Instead

A hearty congrats is in order for the young man who has taught every prepubescent, premature-ejaculating boy that if you can't force Kate Upton to go to prom with you, you can still get a ringer.
» 5/23/13 6:00pm 5/23/13 6:00pm

Let's Reinvent the 'Don't Be a Slut' School Dress Code

The classroom is not the beach, young lady. But it's not a convent, either. So why are administrators and busybody parents so fascinated with teenage girls' boobs, butts and thighs? We're sick of adults imposing arbitrary moral standards on female students' attire for fear they'll "distract" their fellow classmates. The… » 5/22/13 1:30pm 5/22/13 1:30pm

Booze-Free After-Prom Parties Are Still Boring, Even with Bribes

It’s prom season, and for every parent with a teenager not self-assured enough to take itself out for an Evil Dead/The Big Wedding double-feature at the local cineplex instead of attending a chaperoned night of slow-jam hugging in a school multi-purpose room, that means lots of worrying about what sort of after-prom… » 5/19/13 11:30am 5/19/13 11:30am

Hero Teens Stop Their Prom Limo to Rescue Victims of Car Crash

Today in FINALLY, SOMETHING NICE HAPPENED: Twenty Florida high school seniors were prom-bound in their limousine when they saw a van hit the highway median and flip over. Feeling the clarion call of heroism, the teens unstrapped their cummerbunds, tossed aside their Jessica McClintock boleros, and leapt from the… » 5/16/13 2:40pm 5/16/13 2:40pm

The First Integrated Prom in Wilcox, Georgia Is Tonight!

60 years after Brown v. Board of Education desegregated the American school system, white and black students in rural Wilcox, Georgia still had separate proms. This year, an interracial group of best friends who wanted nothing more than to wear corsages, eat crappy steak and take awkwardly-angled pictures together… » 4/27/13 6:00pm 4/27/13 6:00pm

If Prom Is One of the Greatest Nights of Your Life, You're Fucked

Did you go to your prom? Did you drop serious dough on it, or rock it low-key and good times? The answer is b, right? You acted like you didn't care because you had the foresight and good sense to realize it Didn't Matter. But that didn't stop everyone else, because it's official: Prom, the mega-lolz "life event" that… » 4/26/13 3:35pm 4/26/13 3:35pm