Microaggression and Programming, A Followup Post

A woman walks into a programming meetup, where her boyfriend is waiting for her. She's a programmer, is a print-published author on programming, has lectured on programming numerous times, has been attending programming meetups with said boyfriend for a decade before they started dating, has run programming meetups… »1/09/14 9:59pm1/09/14 9:59pm

Today's Google Doodle is for Grace Hopper, pioneering computer scientist who would've celebrated her

Today's Google Doodle is for Grace Hopper, pioneering computer scientist who would've celebrated her 107th birthday today. The search engine is pointing to Hopper's achievements to kick off Computer Science Education Week, the centerpiece of which is the Hour of Code project, a fun, hands-on way to get students into… »12/09/13 4:30pm12/09/13 4:30pm

We Might Be Getting Even More Bluth Family Antics, Says Netflix CEO

As part of Netflix’s insidious plan to put the poor television networks out of business, it plans to put an even greater emphasis on original (and semi-original) programming like House of Cards and Arrested Development (in these original programming press clips, nobody ever mentions that big pile of garbage called … »6/02/13 3:30pm6/02/13 3:30pm

Rad Dad Hacks Donkey Kong So His Daughter Can Be the Hero

Mike Mika's three-year-old daughter loves playing old video games with him. One day, when they were duel conquering Donkey Kong, she became a bit miffed because she could only pick Mario to rescue Pauline, and not the other way around. That's not only due to Mario being the worst (just ask Wario, he'll tell you all… »3/11/13 10:30pm3/11/13 10:30pm

7-Year-Old Zora Ball Is the World's Youngest Game Programmer

Pint-sized programming wizard Zora Ball is now the youngest person to create a full version of a mobile application video game. A first grader at Philadelphia's Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School, she's already more accomplished than everyone you know. Consequently, we should all go eat a tub… »2/14/13 9:30am2/14/13 9:30am

E! Tries to Get Classy With a New Logo and a Show About a Jonas Brother

Nothing says "classy and mature" quite like a reality show about Tim Tebow, which is why E! Entertainment, the channel that brought us a show about a former Olympic athlete living out a lucid nightmare among personifications of the letter "K," is using the New York Jets quarterback as the cornerstone in its new… »7/12/12 10:50am7/12/12 10:50am

Lucy Liu Will Play Watson in New Sherlock Holmes Show, If You Can Dig It

CBS has picked up a new batch of half-baked shows that will either give viewers salmonella or be melty and delicious, including a Sherlock Holmes show called — brace yourselves — Elementary. Another Sherlock Holmes something, you say with an exasperated sigh and an exclamation point[!] Ah, but this Sherlock Holmes… »5/13/12 5:45pm5/13/12 5:45pm