Hollis' 24-Hour Product Diary: On the Road

I’m a touring musician, and as such, the two things that stress me out the most day-of shows—besides the inevitable gaggle of friends asking to be put on the guest list—are what I’m wearing and what my face looks like. When it comes to beauty, I’m low- to no-maintenance; a result of my strict parents who forbade me… »11/17/15 1:55pm11/17/15 1:55pm


Madeleine's 24-Hour Product Diary: Am I Doing This Right?

A couple of weeks ago, while stuck in a stalled subway car, I tried to entertain myself by tallying up the total amount of money I’ve spent having my hair dyed. “Considering that I’ve been coloring my hair once every 2-4 months since I was 17...” Here I stopped. The cost is too depressing and what I learned in that… »11/11/15 12:10pm11/11/15 12:10pm

Jane Marie's 24-Hour Product Diary: It Ain't Pretty

I’m “kind of in a weird place right now,” as they say when they are minimizing while fishing for sympathy. As a result, my beauty regimen has recently become both more intricate — perhaps I can slough off this funk with a million products? — and way sloppier. Think pizza boxes piled up next to the bed, but instead of… »9/17/15 4:12pm9/17/15 4:12pm

High Tech Pepper Spray Photographs Your Assailant and Calls the Police

An IndieGoGo campaign has raised nearly $218,000 to fund the development of The Defender, a pepper spray canister that photographs the person that the spray is being aimed at and immediately contacts law enforcement with the GPS location of the incident. It's being especially marketed towards woman as a self defense… »8/11/14 6:40pm8/11/14 6:40pm