Behold the Glorious Winners of the Product Placement Awards

Are you experiencing Award Season Withdrawal? (It's a real thing; I don't care what my stupid doctor says.) Jonesing for another round of guessing who is or isn't going to be a big winner, but sick of seeing all those gosh darned movie stars showing off all their fancy attire? Then do we have something for you—the… »3/06/14 10:20am3/06/14 10:20am


Safe Sex and Teen Pregnancy Score Some ‘Product Placement’ Spots on TV

Product placement on TV doesn't always have to be that awkward moment, say, when a meth-addled character wakes up in the morning, putters into the kitchen, opens the pantry, grabs a box of Honey Smacks, holds it so that the viewing audience gets an obstructed view and announces, "Gotta have my Smack...s" [Laugh… »9/06/12 11:55pm9/06/12 11:55pm