Is There a Silver Lining to Otherwise Awful Pro-Ana 'Thinspo' Blogs?

Pro-ana blogs might actually help anorexics deal with their eating disorder and eventually seek recovery, according to a new study. After interviewing 33 people from seven countries involved in the online thinspo community, Indiana University researchers determined that the 24-hour support the blogs offer somewhat… » 8/20/12 2:45pm 8/20/12 2:45pm

Tumblr's Thinspo Ban Could Actually, Horribly, Make Pro-Ana Sites More…

Although back in March blog and image hosting services Tumblr and Pinterest did their best to dump Raid on the insidious pro-ana, pro-mia "thinspiration" community, individual domains like Skinny Gossip—run by an anonymous woman who "has done some modeling" and "now works in the fashion and entertainment industries"—remain… » 7/07/12 2:00pm 7/07/12 2:00pm

Pro-Anorexia Content Still Flourishes Despite the Internet Police’s…

The results of Pinterest and Tumblr's efforts to remove posts from their sites that promote eating disorders have so far been underwhelming. Last month, Pinterest, momentarily "caught off guard" by the amount of pro-anorexia posts and discussion threads, promised to limit the number of photos labeled "thinspiration" posted … » 4/16/12 11:55pm 4/16/12 11:55pm

Vogue Italia Editor Admits Fashion is 'One Of The Causes' of Anorexia

Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani — who is always so sensitive to mental health issues — delivered a long speech on eating disorders and body image at Harvard last night. Sozzani has posted the text online. Let's investigate! » 4/03/12 5:00pm 4/03/12 5:00pm

Tumblr to Ban Pro-Eating Disorder Blogs and Content

Blog hosting service Tumblr announced today that a new type of content will be banned from its platform: blogs that promote self-harm, like eating disorders or suicide. In addition, users who search for tags associated with that sort of site — thinspo, for example — will be directed to an announcement that will… » 2/23/12 9:00pm 2/23/12 9:00pm

Romanian 'Model' With 20-Inch Waist A Fave of Pro-Ana Porn Site

After the Daily Mail ran a story about Ioana Spangenberg, an 84 lb. model with a 20-inch waist (which becomes even smaller when she wears her corset) I naturally watched a YouTube clip of her impossible Barbie-Doll-come-to-life proportions in motion and couldn't help but wonder, "What the fuck does she even model?" I… » 2/06/12 3:30pm 2/06/12 3:30pm

Pretzel Crisps Finally Takes Down All Pro-Ana Ads

It took several rounds of blogger outrage, but Pretzel Crisps is finally breaking from its intentional denseness about using pro-anorexic slogans as advertising, and will take down all the offending ads. Let's recap. » 8/13/10 11:14am 8/13/10 11:14am