Lindsay Lohan’s Life Has Taken a Decidedly Film Noir Turn

To be fair, anyone who's seen Drag Me to Hell probably harbors a secret, irrational fear of people some misguided celebrities call "fucking gypsies," but this is the power of cinematic spectacle: it can turn us all into paranoid bigots who hate great white sharks, avoid putting down suburban roots on Native American… »12/02/12 11:30am12/02/12 11:30am

Columnist Liz Jones Buys £585 Silver Leggings, Encourages Children To Go Hungry

Some people just make it too easy, you know? Ridiculing Liz Jones, the Daily Mail columnist who has made a living chronicling the demise of her now ex-husband Nirpal Dhaliwal, calling American women stupid , and detailing her collection of couture clothing, is like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel. Which is not… »1/11/08 2:00pm1/11/08 2:00pm