Police Claim Orobator's Pregnancy Was A Ploy

A Newspaper in Laos is claiming that Samantha Orobator, the pregnant Briton imprisoned for trafficking 680 g of heroin, impregnated herself with the sperm of another prisoner in order to escape the death penalty. The paper quoted the Laotian police, but, not surprisingly, did not give any other sources. [Guardian] » 6/02/09 11:40am 6/02/09 11:40am

Corey Worthington Is Terribly Sorry He Cannot Apologize For Being…

DOOOOD. This 16-year-old Australian kid is the KING OF ALL PARTY$. Maybe u hav heard. How could u NOT? We've gotten like 20,00000.99 emails about Australian Corey Worthington, who through a RAGINNNG kgger and put the video on MySpace!! But his parents got madd :-0 when they returned to descover TWENTY THOUSAND $$$$… » 1/16/08 11:30am 1/16/08 11:30am