Smitten Worker Accused of Planning to Be Getaway Driver in Prison Escape

Law enforcement officials are reportedly speaking to Joyce Mitchell, a 51-year-old Clinton Correctional Facility employee and grandmother who they say became smitten with escaped murderer Richard Matt and planned to help him and fellow inmate David Sweat escape. Law enforcement reportedly believes she planned to act… »6/11/15 11:30am6/11/15 11:30am

Murderers Who Escaped from Prison May Have Been Aided by Female Worker

An unnamed source is claiming to the New York Post that Richard Matt and David Sweat, the two convicted murderers who escaped Saturday from an upstate New York prison, had help from a female employee at the facility. The men cut through several layers of steel, brick, and mortar with ill-gotten power tools, which they… »6/08/15 2:15pm6/08/15 2:15pm

Escape Artist Dogs Scoff at Your Puny Human Baby Gates

If you locked me in a dog crate and told me that the only way out was to "escape," I'm pretty sure I'd just have to live inside that dog crate forever. Oops. That dog crate is my house now. Because I am what the French call les incompetents—I can't escape from shit, even though I have opposable thumbs and a giant brain »11/11/13 4:30pm11/11/13 4:30pm