Valedictorian Says 'Hell' in Speech; School Clutches Pearls and Withholds Her Diploma

A high school Valedictorian in Oklahoma says she uttered the word "hell" during her commencement address because she was taking inspiration from Twilight. But tipping one's hat to a poorly-written book saga about a boring whiner and the controlling undead sparkledick who loves her wasn't what got her in trouble — it… »8/20/12 1:45pm8/20/12 1:45pm


Hypnosis-Happy High School Principal Comes Under Fire After Three Students Die

Here's a weird story out of Sarasota, Florida that's sure to be turned into an episode of Law & Order faster than you can say "chung-chung." In a three-month period, two students killed themselves and one died in a car crash (all separate incidents) just after being hypnotized by their high school principal, George… »6/30/11 12:00pm6/30/11 12:00pm