Parents Petition Disney For a Special Needs Princess

Delaney Ott-Dahl is only 16 months old but she is already fascinated by Disney princesses. And who wouldn't be? They're beautiful, they're glamorous and they sometimes have fins! But Delaney has Down Syndrome and her moms want her to grow up in a world where Disney Princesses look like her. So they're asking Disney… » 10/28/14 6:50pm 10/28/14 6:50pm

​2500 Year-Old Tattooed Siberian Mummy Had Breast Cancer, Used Marijuana

In 1993, Russian scientist Natalia Polosmak discovered the remains of a 25-year-old woman covered in tattoos who came to be known as the Ukok Princess. Now, an MRI has revealed that the young woman was suffering from breast cancer as well as a bone marrow infection at the time of her death, and scientists have stated… » 10/18/14 5:59pm 10/18/14 5:59pm

5-Year-Old Boy Banned From Playgroup for Wearing Princess Dresses

Romeo Clarke, a 5-year-old little boy in the UK, has been banned from his church-run after-school program because the princess costumes he likes to wear were "confusing" the other children. They say he can only rejoin the playgroup if he wears "clothes which match his gender." » 5/08/14 11:40am 5/08/14 11:40am

'Enchanted Ball' Board Game Manages to be Sexist, Stupid and Pointless

The Enchanted Ball is board game in which up to four princess compete for the affection of one prince. So, it's perpetually the penultimate episode of The Bachelor. » 12/27/13 1:40pm 12/27/13 1:40pm

New 'Eggs for Boys' To Finally End Brunch-Based Sexual Confusion

Kids in Norway wouldn't know a good egg if it hit them right in the dumb high cheekboned Nordic faces. One company has offered a creative suggestion for dealing with Norway's pediatric ovo finickiness problem: eggs specifically marketed to boys and girls. » 9/11/13 2:55pm 9/11/13 2:55pm

These Disney Princess Rings Are Hideous; I Want Them All

If you ever wanted to cover your fingers in wishes, dreams, magic, and cheapo gemstones, look no further than this Disney Princesses ring collection. » 4/17/13 8:30pm 4/17/13 8:30pm

2,000-Year-Old Carving of Princess Reveals She Was 'Stylishly…

A 2,000-year-old image of a royal woman has been found in the ancient city of Meroë, in Sudan. When the artwork was created, Meroë was the center of the Kingdom of Kush; the Kushite lived along the Nile and, at times, invaded Ancient Egypt and ruled as Pharaohs there. But back to the image: She is, as Owen Jarus writes » 1/07/13 4:40pm 1/07/13 4:40pm

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Visits Sesame Street, Explains…

Is there a way to make this required viewing for every single kid in America? And some adults, too? It's just so awesome. » 11/09/12 3:15pm 11/09/12 3:15pm

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Foolhardy Princess Tries to Sneak Out of Hotel Without Paying $7.5…

Princesses are supposed to be the pictures of grace and propriety, but apparently one Saudi princess didn't get the memo. She tried to sneak out a Paris hotel in the middle of the night without paying the six million euro bill she'd racked up. (That's nearly 7.5 million American dollars or, as it is more formally… » 6/05/12 9:30am 6/05/12 9:30am

What The World Needs Now: A New Princess Marketed Toward Little Girls

Since Snow White is 74 years old, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is 52 and Belle from Beauty And The Beast is a decrepit 20 years old, Disney, the font of all things princessy, has created a new princess, just for little girls. Really little: Youngsters between ages 2 and 7 years old. » 12/13/11 2:10pm 12/13/11 2:10pm

Has Kate Middleton Picked A Designer For Her Wedding Dress?

Future Princess Shinyhair was spotted walking into designer Bruce Oldfield's shop in London, fueling speculation that she's picked him to design her wedding dress. Princesses?! Weddings?!? EXPENSIVE SHIT?! My ladyskull is feverishly vibrating with overstimulation. » 1/16/11 1:00pm 1/16/11 1:00pm

And They Lived Happily Never After

After it's forthcoming release of Tangled, Disney's animation studios don't plan to follow up with any more fairy tales for the forseeable future. But what will our nation's little girls do without really boring animated princes to dream of marrying? » 11/21/10 11:30am 11/21/10 11:30am

The 5 Worst Mean (Little) Girls Of All Time

The New York Times tells us that mean girls are getting younger. But as most of us know, the elementary-school mean girl is in fact an iconic — and feared — figure. Herewith, five of the very worst. » 10/11/10 4:14pm 10/11/10 4:14pm

Advice For Girls From Beauty & The Beast's Belle

In this video, Belle shares some lessons she learned from wooing the Beast, like, "Find a man who wants to imprison you with his love. The longer you're trapped... it will start to feel like home — Stockholm." » 8/31/10 12:44pm 8/31/10 12:44pm

The Princess & The Pea Poop

Apparently in the Russian version of the fairy tale, Cinderella doesn't forget her glass slipper at the ball, and the prince leaves a nasty little surprise on Cinderella's lawn. Who knew Mr. Hankey got his start in foreign films? [Buzzfeed] » 4/20/10 6:30pm 4/20/10 6:30pm

Lady Gaga Trapped In Outfit On Plane; Anti-Choice Activist Threatens…

Is The Princess Problem Even A Problem?

Today, the Times of London has a piece by Sarah Ebner which asks, "Is the princess stereotype harming our daughters?" Coincidentally, this morning we got an email from a reader with this screenshot from the Dutch Boy paint web site. » 8/04/09 1:40pm 8/04/09 1:40pm

Did Erin Andrews's "Good Girl" Image Work Against Her?

The internet and mainstream media are abuzz about illegally-obtained nude footage of ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews. Would they be less interested, as Deadspin suggests, if Andrews weren't such a "princess"? » 7/22/09 2:00pm 7/22/09 2:00pm

Snow White Gets Sexualized • Virtual Girlfriend Invented

• Has Snow White been given a sexy makeover » 11/14/08 5:30pm 11/14/08 5:30pm in recent years? • Meanwhile, why doesn't Disney capitalize on its like it has with its princesses? We know some angsty tweens who would love that. • France's Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde, is as she prepares for an emergency summit meeting of world leaders in…

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are number one among dog owners in LA County (numbers two and three are labs and American pit bull terriers). The most popular name for the wee Chihuahuas is "Princess"; there are 1,262 of them. (There are also 192 dogs named Shaq, 1,020 named Kobe, and a pit bull named Bradpitt.) The least popular breeds… » 8/01/08 12:45pm 8/01/08 12:45pm