Queen Elizabeth Elects Not to Make a Play for the Iron Throne

Queen Elizabeth is in the midst of a brief trip to Northern Ireland, and so of course she carved out some time for a tour of the Game of Thrones set. As one does. Unfortunately she was a spoilsport and did not take the opportunity to sit upon the Iron Throne, thus depriving the world of the greatest photo op of all… »6/24/14 11:00am6/24/14 11:00am

Lady Gaga's Former Personal Assistant Sues Her, Says She Was Treated Like A Slave

When it comes to being a boss, Lady Gaga might be a big monster. Her former personal assistant, Jennifer O'Neill, is suing her, claiming she's owed $380,000 in unpaid overtime. The 41-year-old O'Neill described her job in court papers, saying basically that she was a slave to Lady Gaga's every whim. Among her… »12/26/11 11:00am12/26/11 11:00am

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Blew $5000 On A VIP Ice-Skating Adventure For Suri

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were in New York this week, and during their visit they shelled out a small fortune so that 5-year-old Suri could skate in total luxury at Rockefeller Center's famed ice rink. For the tidy sum of $5,000, Tom rented the VIP "Igloo," a separate area where you can warm up after skating, for… »12/23/11 8:30pm12/23/11 8:30pm