Dear Prince Harry: Please Come Work for Jezebel 

Hey, if anybody has Prince Harry's personal email, please let him know that if he needs a job now that his military career is wrapping up, we'd be happy to welcome him into the fold here at Jezebel. We can put him to work as an editorial fellow or something, as part of a special "100 percent employment for royals"… » 3/17/15 4:30pm 3/17/15 4:30pm

Emma Watson Denies Torrid Love Affair with Prince Harry 

Last week, Women's Day Australia reported that Emma Watson and Prince Harry had totally hung out and were going on "secret dates." This morning, Watson subtweeted the whole world about it: » 2/22/15 11:15am 2/22/15 11:15am

Emma Watson and Prince Harry are Going on "Secret Dates" 

According to Women's Wear Daily Australia, Prince Harry and Emma Watson are "having secret dates with each other and are getting to know each other quite well." Apparently Harry got some mutual friends to hook him up after Watson broke up with her previous boyfriend. » 2/21/15 10:30am 2/21/15 10:30am

Kanye Is Adamant that Amber Rose Is Definitely a Bigger Whore than Kim

If you thought Kanye West would be content to sit out the Amber Rose/Kardashian war of 2015 (so far only slightly less bloody than 2014's Kardashian ass wars), think again. This morning on The Breakfast Club, 'Ye hit back at his ex girlfriend, saying, "If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there… » 2/20/15 10:10am 2/20/15 10:10am

These Cute Pictures Should Help You Forget About Prince Harry's Butt

Because a royal's work is never done (if you consider circling the world for photo ops "work," of course), Prince Harry recently visited the African nation of Lesotho to check in on the efforts of Sentebale, the children's charity he cofounded. They're building a new center that will, among other things, support kids… » 12/19/14 11:30am 12/19/14 11:30am

Roaming Royals: Prince Harry Is Off to Play Polo in Abu Dhabi

The Windsors are really racking up the frequent flier miles this month: Prince Harry's off to the Middle East, Will and Kate have taken something called a "babymoon" and your grandparents Charles and Camilla are having the best cruise ever. » 11/03/14 6:50pm 11/03/14 6:50pm

​Kate Who? Prince Harry is the Most Popular Royal.

Prince Harry may be fourth in line (soon to be fifth in line) to the throne, but apparently he's number one in our hearts. A new poll of British adults conducted by Pew Newsweek has found that Prince Harry is the most popular royal, yes even more popular than headline machine Kate Middleton. » 9/27/14 2:45pm 9/27/14 2:45pm

Show Prince Harry Some Love and Caption This Photo

Caption this: David Henson of Great Britain celebrates with Prince Harry after winning the gold medal in the 200m Men Ambulant IT2 final during day 1 of the Invictus Games, presented by Jaguar Land Rover at Lee Valley Athletics Centre on September 11, 2014 in London, England. » 9/11/14 11:12pm 9/11/14 11:12pm


Alert, alert! The spare has been deployed! Kensington Palace says that yes, Kate Middleton is officially pregnant with her second child. And lo, a thousand celebrity news editors and designers of high-end baby clothes offered their thanks unto the heavens. Here's everything we know. » 9/08/14 7:45pm 9/08/14 7:45pm

Prince Harry Has a New Girlfriend and They're on a Boat RIGHT NOW

Don't worry, y'all, Prince Harry might yet escape the fate of permanent feckless bachelorhood. Apparently he's seeing a new lady and they're currently cruising Saint-Tropez in a boat. » 8/27/14 4:50pm 8/27/14 4:50pm

Prince Harry Has Topped His Grandmother's Royal Photobomb

Last week, Queen Elizabeth made headlines with a "photobomb," popping into a candid shot with a couple of athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. But it was more selfie-with-celeb than proper royal photobomb. And so Prince Harry has stepped up to deliver the genuine article. » 7/29/14 12:40pm 7/29/14 12:40pm

Calling It: 2014 Is the Summer of Goats

The roiling hordes of Internet users demand cute—but they also demand novelty. With Grumpy Cat nearing 100% mindshare, cats are played out. Puppies are just so, so obvious. Sloths are weird. Bunnies are niche, their appeal limited to avant/fashion types. » 6/20/14 3:40pm 6/20/14 3:40pm

The Glorious, Ridiculous Hats of Royal Ascot

Today was the opening of Royal Ascot, a series of horse races to which the U.K.'s elite flock. But mostly, it's a peerless gathering of towering, ridiculous and expensive hats. Classy hats, ugly hats, flower hats, feather hats, hats you can probably see from space. Here are some stand-outs. » 6/17/14 3:40pm 6/17/14 3:40pm

I Wanna Marry Harry Is Manipulative and Gross, But I'm Still Watching

Last night Fox premiered summer reality show I Wanna Marry Harry, in which twelve American women are flown to a castle in the UK to vie for the attention of a Prince Harry lookalike. The show could also be called OMG, Cringe. » 5/21/14 12:20pm 5/21/14 12:20pm

Don't forget, everyone. Tonight is the series premiere of Fox's "I Want to Marry Harry" which features 12 women vying to win the love of a man they think is Prince Harry but who is really just a very convincing lookalike. It comes on at 9 p.m. EST. Set your DVRs to "RECORD AND NEVER EVER EVER DELETE." » 5/20/14 8:40pm 5/20/14 8:40pm

British Tabloid Editor Hacked Kate Middleton's Phone 155 Times

Kate Middleton really has no privacy, and we’re not talking paparazzi cameras. A former royal editor at the now shuttered News of the World newspaper admitted to hacking the Duchess’ voicemail no less than 155 times. 1.5.5. » 5/14/14 6:35pm 5/14/14 6:35pm

Cressida Bonas Given 'Compassionate Leave' to Cope with Breakup

Oh, Europe. You utopian minx!!! Apparently Cressida Bonas was so bereft after breaking up with a literal handsome fucking prince that her job put her on "compassionate leave" to recover. Absurd indulgence? Or THE #1 MOST REASONABLE THING I'VE EVER HEARD? » 5/02/14 5:40pm 5/02/14 5:40pm

Princes William and Harry Reportedly Bearing Down on America

Heads up, Royals watchers: Princes William and (more importantly for the single ladies) Harry will very likely be in Memphis, Tennessee this weekend, attending the wedding of a friend. » 5/01/14 11:40am 5/01/14 11:40am