Woman Claims Priest Sexually Abused Her During the Course of a 2-Year-Long Exorcism

In an unusual turn of events, a woman in Virginia who sought spiritual help from a priest has claimed that he repeatedly sexually abused her during a "more than two-year exorcism." She initially went to Rev. Thomas Euteneur, who was president of a group called Human Life International, in February of 2008. He… »6/29/12 3:00pm6/29/12 3:00pm


Irish Priest Accidentally Shares Gay Porn Powerpoint Presentation with Parents of Grade-Schoolers

Powerpoint is seriously awful. It's boring and nobody gives enough of a shit about your presentation subject to sit through thirty-seven slides of your notes transcribed in size 24 Helvetica font against a monotonous paisley template interrupted only by the occasional piece of stupid light-bulb-over-a-cartoon-head… »4/29/12 6:00pm4/29/12 6:00pm

Priest that Horribly Denied Gay Woman Communion Is Placed on Leave

Rev. Marcel Guarnizo, the Catholic priest from Gaithersburg, MD who denied a lesbian Communion at her mother's funeral and later walked out during her eulogy — because that's just how the Catholic Church rolls sometimes, common civility be damned — has been placed on administrative leave from ministry by the… »3/12/12 10:25pm3/12/12 10:25pm

Thanks to Catholic Church, 200 Suspected Child Molesters Are Roaming Free

At this point, we have pretty strict measures for keeping track of the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders once they've served their time. But unfortunately there's one large organization that's managed to circumvent these rules and seems to be fine with some 200 suspected child molesters living more or less… »2/14/12 12:30pm2/14/12 12:30pm