Tammy Baldwin Is a Totally Gross Lesbian for Daring Dance at Gay Pride Parade, Says Asshat Republican

If all goes according to plan, come November, Wisconsin Rep. Tammy Baldwin will become the first openly LGBT person elected to the US Senate. But if all goes according to the, uh, Chick-fil-A agenda of one of her opponent's top aides, Baldwin will be defeated, because this one time in 2010, she danced onstage at a gay… »9/11/12 3:30pm9/11/12 3:30pm

Gay Military Personnel to Wear Uniforms in San Diego’s Pride Fest, as They Damn Well Should

The U.S. military took "a giant leap in the right direction" according to Executive Director of San Diego Pride Dwayne Crenshaw when it announced Thursday that gay military personnel would be allowed to wear their uniforms at San Diego's LGBT Pride Festival and Parade this Saturday. The announcement came from the… »7/20/12 9:30am7/20/12 9:30am

Mormons Surprise Everyone By Marching in Salt Lake City's Gay Pride Parade

You might think that gay pride parades and the Mormon Church would go together like, well, gay people and Mormons, but something unusual happened in Salt Lake City yesterday that proved otherwise. Almost 300 Mormons marched in the city's gay pride parade and showed their support with signs that said things like "God… »6/04/12 9:00pm6/04/12 9:00pm

Lisa Lampanelli Donates $1,000 To Gay Charity For Every Westboro Baptist Picketer At Her Show

After hearing that the Westboro Baptist Church wanted to picket last night's show, comedian Lisa Lampanelli said that for every person who showed up to protest, she would donate $1,000 to charity Gay Men's Health Crisis, "the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider": »5/21/11 4:00pm5/21/11 4:00pm