Nobody Knows What The Hell Is Going On With Botox Mom Story

More details emerge from the "Botox Mom" story this morning, if only because Good Morning America doesn't want to admit they'd been duped. Now, ABC is refusing to pay the British agency they bought the story from, and followed up with their sources who suggest this unsettling story absolutely is real. » 5/20/11 12:20pm 5/20/11 12:20pm

Botox Mom Confesses To Hoax, Did It For The Money

Did you find hard to believe that a mom would really inject her 8-year-old daughter with botox? Maybe you should've trusted your instincts. Kerry Campbell lied. In fact, her name isn't even Kerry Campbell. » 5/19/11 11:50am 5/19/11 11:50am

Mom Injects 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox, Gets Her Waxed

In the past, we've gotten worked up about
the sexualization of little girls in beauty pageants and the 15-year-old whose mother got her lipo to "prevent" an eating disorder, but the Brits have one-upped us again! In The Sun, beautician Kerry Campbell claims that she regularly injects botox and fillers into her 8-year-old … » 3/23/11 10:47pm 3/23/11 10:47pm