Game of Thrones Season Two: Daenerys Is Coming to Fuck Shit Up

WINTER IS COMING. Or winter is here? I don't know what exactly winter is doing, but the trailer for season two of Game of Thrones looks amazing. Tyrion Lannister! Littlefinger! John Snow! Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon babies! Like they say, in the Game of Thrones, you live or you die and this preview has me… »1/31/12 4:00pm1/31/12 4:00pm


A Creepy First Look At Rob Lowe's Drew Peterson

Happy Friday: Lifetime has just released the first trailer for Drew Peterson: Untouchable, the made-for-TV movie about the life and times of the allegedly wife-murdering, and definitely all-around horrific person — played by none other than Rob Lowe. Huh? It is creepy, it is campy, and it is almost shocking when Lowe… »12/16/11 11:20am12/16/11 11:20am

Blonde Katy Perry Is Oh So Ready To Be Your SNL Host This Weekend

This weekend, Katy Perry will make her first appearance on Saturday Night Live as a host, and she's apparently preparing for the event by asking hubby Russell Brand for tips. Note to Katy: you're married to the man and that's the best British accent you can pull off? Anyway, she looks cute in her new blonde hair and… »12/08/11 12:30pm12/08/11 12:30pm

TLC's Latest Exploitation Victims: Adorable Adult Virgins

30-year-old virgins. A guy who solemnly admits he's "not a virgin entirely by choice." A couple who save their very first kiss for their wedding day. A first kiss so awkward that folks are openly face-palming as the bride and groom smooch at the altar. These elements can only mean one thing: TLC has a new show… »11/28/11 5:30pm11/28/11 5:30pm

Here's What Your Lady Gaga Thanksgiving Special Will Look Like

ABC has released the preview for their brand-new holiday special A Very Gaga Thanksgiving and in it, the announcer excitedly proclaims that this year, they're "Giving thanks with a capitol G." For Gaga. Get it? Yes, the television network Gods have decided that there will be no escape from the pop star and her… »11/21/11 4:00pm11/21/11 4:00pm

Ooh, It's Wanderlust, aka The Movie During Which Jen Aniston And Justin Theroux Fell In Hipster Love

Today we get our first look at Wanderlust, the movie directed by David Wain and filled to the brim with funny people: Paul Rudd, Malin Ackerman, Ken Marino, Alan Alda, Jennifer Aniston, and Justin Theroux. You'll see jokers from The State, and you'll also see the set where Jen and Justin started to get cozy with each… »11/03/11 5:20pm11/03/11 5:20pm

Watch The Official Trailer For The Unauthorized Sarah Palin Documentary

Have you ever wondered what the citizens of Wasilla, Alaska really think about Sarah Palin? In You Betcha!, documentarian and director Nick Broomfield travels to Palin's hometown to interview the people, local government officials, and even a few family members to get their honest, realistic thoughts on the woman we… »9/19/11 5:40pm9/19/11 5:40pm

Madonna's 1984 'Like A Virgin' Performance, As Reenacted By A Cat

It's been parodied by Weird Al, the Super Mario Brothers, and countless others. Glee did it, Elton John did it, swing music did it, hell, the doctors on Grey's Anatomy even did it. Let's not even get started how many American Idol hopefuls have done it — or the fact that it's the karaoke song of choice for all of your… »8/25/11 4:55pm8/25/11 4:55pm

MTV VMAs Finally Planning Tribute To Britney Spears

Today we learned that MTV will pay homage to Britney Spears when the Video Music Awards air at the end of this month. It's about time, considering the network practically birthed her and more or less kept her going by allowing her to her shimmy around onstage whenever she wanted (though as time passed, some shimmies… »8/12/11 1:40pm8/12/11 1:40pm

Here's That Other TV Movie About Will & Kate That You Didn't Ask For

We laughed, and said "of course!" when we learned that Lifetime would make a movie about Wills and Kate back in March. Then we watched (and laughed at) it when it aired in April. And now, in August, we've learned that one flick is not enough: the Hallmark channel has made a movie about the very same topic. But!… »8/08/11 5:20pm8/08/11 5:20pm

This Is What Your Pippa Middleton TV Special Will Look Like

The network that brought the world Kate Gosselin, adult babies, four-year-olds inappropriately shaking their asses in Toddlers & Tiaras, and countless baby shows will take a quick break from their regular trashy programming to talk about Pippa Middleton. Who is this 27-year-old British party planner with an ass so… »8/04/11 3:40pm8/04/11 3:40pm