Donald Trump Won't Rule Out an Independent Campaign, Even After Pledging Not To Run

Donald Trump’s waterfall of regurgitated chatter continued on Sunday, with quips about Muslim databases, 9/11, and bringing back water-boarding. And over all of it, he also suggested that he would run for president as independent if he doesn’t get the Republican nod. »Sunday 12:05pm11/22/15 12:05pm


Adele Superfan Donald Trump Cut the Line at Her Concert Last Night 

Normal-looking human man and entirely credible choice as future leader of the free world Donald Trump is apparently, like us all, a fan of Adele. He expressed that fandom in an on-brand fashion Tuesday night, by cutting in front of hundreds of people to get into her show at Radio City Music Hall last night, then… »11/18/15 8:42am11/18/15 8:42am

These Topical Political Halloween Costumes Will Make You the Commander in Chief of Every Party

Political costumes are a great way to show all your friends how much smarter you are than them. But thanks to the patriarchy, they can also be boring—a suit with a red or blue tie? I mean, no thank you! When I go out for Halloween, I like to do it full out. Follow these simple guides for costumes that say “My greatest… »10/28/15 4:01pm10/28/15 4:01pm

Donald Trump Sends Marco Rubio A Thirst-Quenching Care Package

On October 5, 2015, Republican presidential candidate and rubber-faced cherub Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) received a “care package” from rival and noted troll Donald Trump. The contents? Among other various sundries, it included “a 24-bottle case of ‘Trump Ice Natural Spring Water’” — a gift lampooning the young senator’s… »10/05/15 10:15pm10/05/15 10:15pm

Scott Walker Brings His Total Contempt for the Poor to a National Stage 

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker—a man who once proposed slashing funding to victims of child abuse, who’s actively trying to end his state’s living wage, and who’s all on board for banning abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest—took time away from his busy schedule of destroying the social… »7/13/15 12:45pm7/13/15 12:45pm

Jorge Ramos Asks to Interview Donald Trump, Trump Responds Trumpishly

Four-time bankruptcy filer and seething hernia mass Donald Trump said that all Mexicans crossing the border into the United States are rapists and criminals, so Univision wisely chose to sever their ties with the Trump Organization. On Thursday, Jorge Ramos of Univision politely requested an interview with Trump, who… »6/26/15 3:10pm6/26/15 3:10pm

Watch Rand Paul Explain Interviews to Savannah Guthrie, Mid-Interview

Does Rand Paul want to be president, or does he want to teach classes on how to interview? I’m starting to wonder after this morning’s appearance on The Today Show, in which he seemed more concerned with lecturing Savannah Guthrie about “editorializing” than answering questions about his record on foreign policy. »4/08/15 10:50am4/08/15 10:50am