Obama Is the First-Ever Sitting President to Cover Out's 100 Issue

According to the editors of Out magazine, the publication’s annual 100 issue is meant to showcase a snapshot of the past year in LGBT+ history, with the community’s biggest movers and shakers getting some well-deserved recognition for both bravery and achievement. This year, the cover belongs to President Obama, the… »11/10/15 3:04pm11/10/15 3:04pm

Obama Offers Advice to President Wannabe Kanye West

President Obama offered some pearls of wisdom to 2020 presidential hopeful Kanye West during this morning’s Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco. “You may have heard that Kanye is thinking about running for speaker of the House,” he said to the crowd, who immediately erupted in laughter. “It couldn’t… »10/10/15 5:30pm10/10/15 5:30pm

Anthony Anderson Wants President Obama to Guest Star on Black-ish

There’s a chance Obama could be making a future appearance on the show Black-ish. Anthony Anderson told E! he was petitioning for the president and first lady to guest star. “They watch the show. They love it. We know them so we’ve been dealing with them and their people and hopefully they’ll say yes.” Anderson found… »9/21/15 11:00pm9/21/15 11:00pm

Ben Carson: 'I Would Not Advocate That We Put a Muslim in Charge of This Nation'

During on an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Republican primary candidate Ben Carson said that he would not support a Muslim as President of the United States. “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation,” Carson said during the interview, “I absolutely would not agree with that.” He added… »9/20/15 1:45pm9/20/15 1:45pm

Obama Left a Cute Comment on a Photo from Humans of New York

On a recent Facebook photo posted by Humans of New York, a comment was left by none other than President Obama. The post featured an Iranian father and his son, sitting down together. In the caption, the father describes a sweet moment where he witnessed his son perform an act of kindness. “One time when he was five… »9/03/15 9:30pm9/03/15 9:30pm