White House on Kanye's Presidential Bid: Sure, Bro

During Kanye West’s “speech” on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, he concluded by announcing a presidential run in 2020. The White House, currently eyed by silly presidential hopefuls like Donald Trump and Ben Carson—who are leading in some political polls—figured they’d weigh in on West’s plans because, fuck it, why… »9/01/15 10:10am9/01/15 10:10am

State Speaker Asked Claire McCaskill to 'Bring Her Kneepads' to Pass a Bill

On Tuesday night, appearing on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Senator Claire McCaskill talked about the good old days. You know, back when she was a young, single state legislator in the Missouri House of Representatives, who needed a bill passed and decided to ask the Speaker of the House for help, and he… »8/12/15 12:02pm8/12/15 12:02pm

President Obama Gives Shout-out to Caitlyn Jenner at 'Trailblazers'

Last night, Logo aired their second annual Trailblazer Honors awards show and President Obama helped kick off the event via video. Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley and Jason Collins—NBA’s first openly gay player—introduced the president’s message. “Tonight is a chance to celebrate, not just 10 years of Logo, but… »6/28/15 4:20pm6/28/15 4:20pm

First Lady Michelle Obama Tweets Support for #BringBackOurGirls

On the heels of yet another group of Nigerian girls abducted by Islamist militants on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama joined the social media campaign to rescue the missing. In a twitpic on Wednesday, the FLOTUS held a sign reading #bringbackourgirls, adding to the international digital pressure upon the Nigerian… »5/07/14 6:30pm5/07/14 6:30pm

People Are Obsessed with Michelle Obama's 'Not Amused' Face

After Monday's hubbub about First Lady Michelle Obama's bitchy resting face at Nelson Mandela's funeral, the New York Post has lived up to its legacy of wildly offensive covers with this latest, the headline of which implies that FLOTUS was mad at her husband for talking to the "attractive" Prime Minister of Denmark. »12/11/13 10:50am12/11/13 10:50am

Mandela Remembered By President Obama at Soweto Memorial

Earlier today, President Obama delivered a fitting speech at the funeral of Nelson Mandela in Soweto, South Africa. Obama drew on the activist’s struggle against apartheid and his fight for social justice, saying that Mandela’s work made his own political career as America’s first black president possible. »12/10/13 10:20am12/10/13 10:20am