Oregon Pharmacists Will Soon Be Able to Prescribe Birth Control 

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has signed a measure into law that will allow Oregon pharmacists to prescribe birth control directly to patients. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Knute Buehler, who is both male and Republican, who sponsored the proposal because, he said, “it makes no sense that men have unrestrained access… »7/07/15 7:10pm7/07/15 7:10pm


America's Children Are Hooked on Whore Pills and Adderall

It's no secret that Americans love our prescription drugs; we'll take them for just about any reason. But when it comes to our children, we aren't always as enthusiastic about dosing them up. A new study is out from the FDA about what's being prescribed to kids and teens these days, and it reveals some surprising… »6/19/12 11:40am6/19/12 11:40am