When I Tried to Talk to My Prep School About Rape Culture, They Wouldn't Listen

The first time I found myself in trouble at prep school, cross-legged in the office of the Exeter Dean of Residential Life, it wasn’t because of plagiarism or a drug bust or the “illegal visitation” of being caught in a boy’s dorm room during the wrong hours. It was because I’d written an op-ed for the Exonian »8/21/15 2:00pm8/21/15 2:00pm

Parent Takes Private School Clash To The Next Level On Twitter

New York City's Trinity School is America's number one prep school. The institution is 300 years old, and, like most tony private schools, likes to keep any scandals, squabbles or controversies private. But as Nick Summers writes for The Daily Beast, the administration is facing an embarrassingly public dispute. »4/15/11 12:30pm4/15/11 12:30pm