Two White Girls Rap About Killing Black Boys and Try to Apologize

Two teenage white girls from Texas thought it would be a good idea to record themselves rapping a song that contained racist lyrics promoting violence against blacks, Latinos and Asians. The song starts off with one girl spewing the N-word, followed by “I want to kill them now, I want to hang them from a tree.” The… »4/16/15 9:00pm4/16/15 9:00pm

One Million Moms in Danger of Crushing Their Pearls Over Urban Outfitters Catalogue

Having failed to dislodge Ellen DeGeneres from her gig as JCPenney's pitchwoman, the hyperbolic organization known as One Million Moms has trained its wagging fingers on Urban Outfitters, whose latest catalogue features two women awkwardly kissing on only the second page. The Moms, predictably are outraged that the… »4/16/12 9:00pm4/16/12 9:00pm

When Prejudice Is Sexy: Inside the Kinky World of Race-Play

A bitchy white woman belittling her black maid. A Latino man being tied up and called racial slurs. A black woman being offered for sale at a slave auction. All of these are awful in reality, but for people who are into race-play — or racialized sexual situations — they can be extremely hot. I talked to two people… »3/14/12 1:45pm3/14/12 1:45pm

Prejudiced, Conservative People Probably Stupid, Says Science

You've always had an inkling that this might be true, and now here comes Science to validate your gut: children with low IQs tend to grow up to be prejudiced adults who often adopt socially conservative ideologies. The "liberal elite" is not in your imagination, friends. Fox News viewers really are that dumb! »1/26/12 7:40pm1/26/12 7:40pm

Poll: Muslims Are Capable Of Being Good Americans!

You know all that stuff you hear about America being a melting pot where people of all ethnicities and faiths can come together over their shared love of freedom and eating hot dogs on the Fourth of July? Well, apparently someone wasn't sure that applied to Muslim Americans too, so they decided to conduct a survey.… »8/03/11 10:30am8/03/11 10:30am

The More Women Are In Charge, The Less People Hate The Idea Of Women In Charge

Harvard researchers have found that voters — men in particular — are prejudiced against female leaders. No shit »9/09/08 11:00am9/09/08 11:00am, you say. But not just in the U.S.: A study was conducted in certain villages in India, where there's an amendment that that at least 1/3 of government positions be filled by women. Diana Wolf for : "This…