Watch This 5-Year-Old British Lad Learn He's 'Going to Be a New Big Bruvva!'

How do you keep your pregnancy reveal video from being cloying and obnoxious? Hire this little boy to act as your shocked and thrilled son. Or at least hire someone (preferably a child) who can deliver a line like “Are you really having a bay-bay? Is it in your belly now?” with a similarly adorable inflection. » 8/27/15 4:50pm Yesterday 4:50pm

Ice Loved Coco, and Now Coco's Pregnant

In the beginning was love, and the love was with Ice, and the love was with Coco. Ice was with Coco in the beginning. Through them all things were made; without them nothing was made that has been made. And now, inside Coco is life, and that life will be the light of all mankind. The light will shine in the darkness,… » 7/27/15 9:30am 7/27/15 9:30am

One Direction Fans Can't Handle That Louis Tomlinson Might Be a Dad

It’s been tragedy after tragedy for One Direction fans this year. First, Zayn (the best member of the band) quit the group to live his life, and now it’s been reported that Louis Tomlinson (the second best member of the band) may soon be a father. What will die-hard Directioners do now that two of the five men they… » 7/15/15 12:45pm 7/15/15 12:45pm

Body Image, Meet Baby

About four years ago, after half a lifetime of irregular cycles, a new gynecologist identified the shadowy barnacles invading the ultrasound screen. “They’re cysts. It’s going to be very difficult for you to have children without intervention,” she said casually as I buttoned my jeans, “but we’ll cross that bridge… » 6/26/15 8:10pm 6/26/15 8:10pm

There Is Still Only a 50 Percent Chance Kim and Kanye Will Have a Boy

Now that Kim and Kanye have confirmed that they’re pregnant—well, she’s pregnant, but if anyone’s going to use the “we” it’s Kanye, am I right?—sources have been coming out in droves to let media outlets know the sex of the Wests’ upcoming collaboration before it drops. Allegedly, the new baby is a boy. » 6/10/15 1:20pm 6/10/15 1:20pm

Pregnant Woman Who Disappeared Before Scheduled C-Section Is Found

On June 2nd, a 49-year-old woman named Carrie Bradshaw-Crowther disappeared only hours before she was due to deliver a baby via C-section. Now, the police have confirmed that Bradshaw-Crowther has been found alive and well in Boone, North Carolina, over 150 miles from where she disappeared. » 6/09/15 11:30am 6/09/15 11:30am

Anti-Abortion Groups Super Confused that NARAL President is Pregnant

Ilyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, chose to make a pretty stupendous birth announcement today, via a big story in the Washington Post. Hogue, 45, is pregnant with twins, due to give birth in July, and just really, really freaking out anti-abortion activists who don’t get how such a thing might… » 6/08/15 8:05pm 6/08/15 8:05pm

An Afternoon Visit to a Chinese Maternity Hotel

After driving 30 minutes east of downtown LA, I reached the apartment complex in Rowland Heights, California, that was rumored to contain a so-called Chinese “maternity hotel”: a place of questionable legality, where wealthy women seeking American citizenship for their children and a way around the one-child rule come… » 6/08/15 12:10pm 6/08/15 12:10pm

Poll: How Many Fertilized Eggs Are Inside Kim Kardashian Right Now?

On Sunday Kim Kardashian revealed her pregnancy in the promo for next week’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But that’s not the end of the story! Rumors are currently circulating that Kardashian has not one, but two buns in the oven, and that she withheld the news out of respect for Caitlyn Jenner and her big… » 6/03/15 10:10am 6/03/15 10:10am

Nonprofit With 'No Pregnancy in the Workplace' Policy Loses Lawsuit 

Resource technician Shamira Johnson filed a lawsuit against her Houston-based employer United Bible Fellowship Ministries, Inc., a care facility for disabled people, after they fired her for becoming pregnant. According to the EEOC complaint, the nonprofit maintained a “no pregnancy in the workplace” policy that meant… » 5/30/15 2:15pm 5/30/15 2:15pm

Elon Musk Denies Scolding Employee for Missing Work for Birth of Child

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is disputing two particularly bizarre quotes in the new biography of him written by business journalist Ashlee Vance: that he once referred to himself as a “samurai,” and that he chided an employee for missing work due to the birth of his child. Musk called the childbirth quote “total BS” on… » 5/12/15 12:10pm 5/12/15 12:10pm