Now There's an iPad Potty, If You Don't Mind Baby Poo on Your iPad

So, okay, somebody invented a potty chair with a mount for your iPad. Okay? Somebody did that. And the idea is that, to incentivize learning to shit properly, you let your kid play with your iPod while their poop is coming out, and THEY FUCKING LOVE IT, and potty training becomes a totally-pun-intended breeze (see,… »10/11/13 6:15pm10/11/13 6:15pm


Not Pooping Your Pants Is One of Life's Greatest Accomplishments

Fact: Nobody wants to hear about potty training. Even though it's arguably one of the biggest milestones in a human's life ever — not pissing/crapping yourself for at least some period of time is basically a requirement to be in the autonomous world, without which it would be pretty darn hard to accomplish other… »1/22/13 5:40pm1/22/13 5:40pm

Child's First Flush Celebrated with Giant Toilet Cake, Grown Men Dressed as Toilets and 10,000 Confetti Toilets

"The moment this kid flushes, it's gonna be unbelievable," says the man Pull-Ups hired to act as a director to what they're calling "the biggest surprise potty party in history". I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's the only surprise potty party in history, but that quibble is for another day. »1/21/13 10:00am1/21/13 10:00am