Snape Was a Potions Master Because J.K. Rowling Hated Chemistry

As anyone who's ever dipped a toe into the Harry Potter universe can tell you, potions—taught primarily by Professor Snape throughout the books—is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) parts of the Hogwarts curriculum. And it works that way because it's mirrored after chemistry, J.K. Rowling's own least favorite… » 12/15/14 3:45pm 12/15/14 3:45pm

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a new Harry Potter short story! According to a newsletter, starting on Friday, December 12, JK Rowling will be dropping a new piece of Harry Potter-related writing on the site every day until Christmas. And one of those will definitely be focused… » 12/06/14 4:30pm 12/06/14 4:30pm

J.K. Rowling's New Story on Nasty Dolores Umbridge Is Here

It's nerd Christmas, and so naturally J.K. Rowling decided to bestow some new Harry Potter-related writing unto the world. And it includes an in-depth profile of the very nasty character Dolores Umbridge, whose prim style and cutesy mannerisms conceal a wizened heart. » 10/31/14 11:10am 10/31/14 11:10am

J.K. Rowling Has Written About Harry, Ron and Hermione as Adults

COMMENCE FREAK-OUT NOW: J.K. Rowling has posted a new addition to the Harry Potter series on her website Pottermore. It takes the form of a gossip column written in the voice of Rita Skeeter. » 7/08/14 9:50am 7/08/14 9:50am