Maureen Dowd Eats Too Much Weed Candy Bar and Freaks the Fuck Out

Yesterday the New York Times published a column from opinion columnist and America's self-anointed fun city aunt Maureen Dowd wherein the Are Men Necessary? author and Pulitzer Prize-winning Monica Lewinsky bully traveled to Colorado and then ate a fuckload of pot and then got so high she thought she was going to die.… »6/04/14 3:00pm6/04/14 3:00pm


Teen Who Raised Prom Money By Selling Pot Brownies Might Get Deported

This message goes out to all the #teens out there, both #cool and non: Prom isn't worth risking deportation. It's just not! The only cool proms are the ones that happen in movies and end with a line dance and those aren't even all that cool because you know that after graduation the Sexy New Boyfriend and the Bookish,… »4/11/14 5:15pm4/11/14 5:15pm

Old People Accidentally Eat Pot Brownies, Results Surprisingly Unamusing

On Friday, three elderly people from Southern California brought a hackneyed sitcom scenario to life when they unwittingly downed pot brownies at a friend's memorial. During the service someone passed around a tray of brownies, but didn't tell anyone they contained medical marijuana. Sadly, the ensuing hijinks don't… »10/11/11 9:30am10/11/11 9:30am