Maureen Dowd Eats Too Much Weed Candy Bar and Freaks the Fuck Out

Yesterday the New York Times published a column from opinion columnist and America's self-anointed fun city aunt Maureen Dowd wherein the Are Men Necessary? author and Pulitzer Prize-winning Monica Lewinsky bully traveled to Colorado and then ate a fuckload of pot and then got so high she thought she was going to die.… » 6/04/14 3:00pm 6/04/14 3:00pm

Teen Who Raised Prom Money By Selling Pot Brownies Might Get Deported

This message goes out to all the #teens out there, both #cool and non: Prom isn't worth risking deportation. It's just not! The only cool proms are the ones that happen in movies and end with a line dance and those aren't even all that cool because you know that after graduation the Sexy New Boyfriend and the Bookish,… » 4/11/14 5:15pm 4/11/14 5:15pm

Old People Accidentally Eat Pot Brownies, Results Surprisingly Unamusing

On Friday, three elderly people from Southern California brought a hackneyed sitcom scenario to life when they unwittingly downed pot brownies at a friend's memorial. During the service someone passed around a tray of brownies, but didn't tell anyone they contained medical marijuana. Sadly, the ensuing hijinks don't… » 10/11/11 9:30am 10/11/11 9:30am

Teens Pass Out Pot Brownies At Best Band Camp Ever

Three Illinois high school students may be facing criminal charges for allegedly passing out brownies secretly laced with marijuana to 23 other kids at band camp. No one "experienced any ill-effects" from the prank, but clearly it's very disturbing because children and drugs and whatnot. Hope you guys didn't forget… » 8/17/11 9:30am 8/17/11 9:30am

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Whoopi Goldberg farts on Barbara Walters, Billy Bush pick pockets Oprah, and Kara DioGuardi gets high on Paula Abdul's pot brownies. » 5/27/11 4:30pm 5/27/11 4:30pm

While O was standing next to him, talking to some other people, he jokingly suggested to the camera that he reach in her purse and…