Photog Turns High School Girl's Portrait Session Into Gross Sextfest

On Monday, a 33-year-old portrait photographer pled guilty in Missoula County Justice Court to two misdemeanor accounts of obscenity for a sexting relationship he started up with a 17-year-old female client. Since then, the photographer has taken down a post on his Facebook page apologizing because it got overrun with… » 12/06/13 12:40pm 12/06/13 12:40pm

Here's the New Official Portrait of Michelle Obama and Her Bangs

Michelle Obama had a new official portrait taken (which was released on the White House Flickr feed) and, though I didn't know this was possible, I think I want to hug her even more now. It's not as fierce and I-could-definitely-kill-you-with-my-hands as her 2009 portrait (plus no T-Jeff photo-bomb, boooooooo), but I… » 2/20/13 7:05pm 2/20/13 7:05pm