Carrie Brownstein Finds the Home Within In Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl is a document of self-actualization. These days, most people likely know of author Carrie Brownstein from Portlandia, her creepily-accurate Portland parody sketch show, and might actually be taken aback by how seriously she takes her music criticism. After all, she maintained a music… »10/30/15 4:20pm10/30/15 4:20pm


8 Cities Have Cancelled Columbus Day in Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day

For most of America, Columbus Day is coming up this Monday October 12, except in a handful of cities where the celebration of Christopher Columbus has been replaced by Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Because, you know, one can’t exactly discover a new place if nations of people were already living there for centuries. »10/08/15 5:30pm10/08/15 5:30pm

Maine Sheriff Walks Back Order Asking Lawyers to Remove Bras When Visiting Jail

Cumberland County Jail has had some problems contraband getting in. That’s why the Maine jail’s security protocols have been tightened to make sure anyone entering won’t bring something metal along with them. Unfortunately, the metal detectors weren’t just picking up keys and bracelets—they were also picking up bras.… »9/22/15 7:00pm9/22/15 7:00pm

Portland Residents Are Desperate to Find the Man Pooping All Over Their City

Portland, Oregon needs your prayers. Or, at the very least, a whole bunch of plastic bags. There is an as-yet-unidentified man roaming around the city, pooping in public places, and leaving it there for the world to see and smell. Portland residents have begun calling him “The Portland Pooper” because, honestly,… »8/28/15 1:30pm8/28/15 1:30pm

Record Company Offers Wage Gap Discount for Women 

A record company in Portland, Oregon called M’lady’s Records, has announced that women living in the U.S. will get to pay 77 percent list price for all of their mail orders. The discount reflects the current wage gap, in which an average full-time working woman in America earns 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.… »7/12/15 8:45pm7/12/15 8:45pm

New City, New Ink: My Tattooed Travels

I like traveling. I like being in new places. If it weren’t so hard for me to approach people I would probably like it a lot more. So when I started getting tattooed while traveling, I found a portal to a wealth of information. Here was a captive audience who absolutely knew where to get the best sandwiches in the… »4/23/15 5:00pm4/23/15 5:00pm

Yes, You Can Visit Every Historical Location From the Ramona Books

Hello, fans of Beverly Cleary! If you’ve ever put down a book about Ramona Quimby (age eight) and thought, “man, if only Portland, Oregon was a real place,” there’s some shocking news for you: Portland is real and so are all the locations in your beloved stories! And yes, you can visit them all and relive every… »4/06/15 11:30pm4/06/15 11:30pm

What Happens When a Prominent Male Feminist Is Accused of Rape?

Late on the evening of January 6, nine women and one trans individual met at a union space in Northeast Portland to call out a well-known local activist for being, in their consideration, a wolf in sheep's clothing. They were about to share with four dozen strangers highly personal stories of sexual and emotional… »2/04/15 9:00am2/04/15 9:00am

Teenage Lesbian Couple Found in a Texas Park With Gunshot Wounds to the Head

A terrifying attack has shaken Portland, Texas, a quiet community outside of Corpus Christi with a low crime rate. They hadn't had a murder there in two years, but that all changed on Saturday, when two teenage girls were found in a park after having been shot in the head. Mary Christine Chapa, 18, was still alive and… »6/25/12 11:55pm6/25/12 11:55pm

Man Strips Down at Airport Security to Protest the TSA Getting All Up in His Business

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the TSA—any organization that hates cupcakes as much as they do should certainly be given some serious side eye. But one traveler got so fed up with them bothering him that in a burst of rage he got naked in the security line at the airport in protest. It's like when the… »4/18/12 11:55pm4/18/12 11:55pm

Crying Baby and Mother Kicked Off Bus For Being Distracting

Being trapped in a bus, plane, or car with a screaming infant is unpleasant for all involved. The non-relatives of the infant are annoyed, the infant's caretakers are often embarrassed, and the infant herself is usually the state of utter discomfort and frustration that can only come from not being able to effectively… »10/05/11 4:15pm10/05/11 4:15pm