What Happens When a Prominent Male Feminist Is Accused of Rape?

Late on the evening of January 6, nine women and one trans individual met at a union space in Northeast Portland to call out a well-known local activist for being, in their consideration, a wolf in sheep's clothing. They were about to share with four dozen strangers highly personal stories of sexual and emotional… » 2/04/15 9:00am 2/04/15 9:00am

Court Rules Pulling Hair All The Way Out Is Not Domestic Abuse

I've got to think cases like this happen because old men go bald... and their brain cells escape from their scalps. » 10/23/14 10:55pm 10/23/14 10:55pm

Police Investigating Star Tech CEO Over Multiple Rape Allegations

Woman Sues Walmart for Destroying Her Butt-Length Hair

A Portland woman is suing Walmart and a shampoo manufacturer, saying they ruined the Rapunzel-like locks she'd been cultivating since childhood with their shitty dandruff shampoo. She wants $10,000 for her suffering and also to buy some new hair. » 4/16/14 12:00pm 4/16/14 12:00pm

Female Prisoner Needs to Get Laid, Escapes Cell for Sex With Inmate

A prisoner at Portland, Maine's Cumberland County jail would do anything for love, including breaking out of her cell and into that of her lover's for a romantic rendezvous. I'm not mad at her. » 3/10/14 2:00pm 3/10/14 2:00pm

Anti-Choice Protestors Scare Away Sandwich Lovers

Can you call yourself "pro-life" if you kill breakfast burritos? A deli in Portland, Maine is closing because the owner is sick of fighting against the aggressive anti-choice protestors who try their darndest to chase away patients at the neighboring Planned Parenthood on Friday and Saturday mornings. » 8/12/13 12:10pm 8/12/13 12:10pm

Portland Is So Over, Thanks to The Real World

How can Portland keep clutching its unofficial hipster capital title now that television's wet-fart, The Real World, has defiled the city's pristine bike lanes? Oregon Trail has taught us that there are three obvious solutions — intrepid citizens with their hearts set on creating an edgy pontoon city in the Pacific… » 2/17/13 4:00pm 2/17/13 4:00pm

Teenage Lesbian Couple Found in a Texas Park With Gunshot Wounds to the…

A terrifying attack has shaken Portland, Texas, a quiet community outside of Corpus Christi with a low crime rate. They hadn't had a murder there in two years, but that all changed on Saturday, when two teenage girls were found in a park after having been shot in the head. Mary Christine Chapa, 18, was still alive and… » 6/25/12 11:55pm 6/25/12 11:55pm

Man Strips Down at Airport Security to Protest the TSA Getting All Up…

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the TSA—any organization that hates cupcakes as much as they do should certainly be given some serious side eye. But one traveler got so fed up with them bothering him that in a burst of rage he got naked in the security line at the airport in protest. It's like when the… » 4/18/12 11:55pm 4/18/12 11:55pm

Crying Baby and Mother Kicked Off Bus For Being Distracting

Being trapped in a bus, plane, or car with a screaming infant is unpleasant for all involved. The non-relatives of the infant are annoyed, the infant's caretakers are often embarrassed, and the infant herself is usually the state of utter discomfort and frustration that can only come from not being able to effectively… » 10/05/11 4:15pm 10/05/11 4:15pm

Ladies Rob Bank, Stop To Google

Brittney Sykes and Emma Westhusing robbed a bank on Monday in Portland, but got busted: There was a tracking device hidden in the cash and instead of ditching it, one Googled it while the other hid it in her Hyundai. » 12/09/10 2:18pm 12/09/10 2:18pm

Sex Poodle Al Gore Is Totally Misplaying This One

Says Lloyd Grove on The Daily Beast: "Now, four weeks into his multimedia ordeal, Gore hasn't managed to formulate an effective PR strategy to counter the toxic fallout polluting his once-gleaming image." » 7/28/10 2:49pm 7/28/10 2:49pm

"The Magic Is In The Hole"

Bitch Magazine turned down this ad, for Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, on the grounds that it "goes against our mission statement to be anti-sexist." We agree, and add: Pubic hair and doughnuts are two things best enjoyed separately. [AnimalNewYork] » 10/19/09 12:40pm 10/19/09 12:40pm

Feminist Bookstores

ThunderAnt is a comedy duo that is a double dose of awesome: it consists of Carrie Brownstein, formerly of Sleater Kinney, and Fred Armisen from SNL. The two get together, don wigs and make hilarious videos about one man shows, chefs and awkward dates. One of their more popular videos centered around two women who… » 12/05/08 10:40am 12/05/08 10:40am

Portland Builder Drops Planned Parenthood For Fear Of Pro-Life…

A Portland construction company has dropped out of its contract to build a local Planned Parenthood, the Oregonian reported on Monday. Bob Walsh, the owner of Walsh Construction, broke the contract after hearing about how aggressive and inappropriate anti-choice protesters had been towards other contractors building… » 7/02/08 9:30am 7/02/08 9:30am

Bigger Than Burning Man.

Seventy five thousand people showed up to see Obama's biggest yet speech in Portland, Oregon yesterday. Firstly, that represents something like one-seventh the entire population of Portland and undoubtedly the biggest-ever congregation of fixed-gear bicycles. In fact, the crowd was bigger than pretty much any outdoor… » 5/19/08 10:00am 5/19/08 10:00am