5 Possible Reasons Why Women's Magazine Sales Are Plummeting

Over on Portƒolio's site today, Jeff Bercovici reports that many of the major women's magazines sales are down for the first half of the year. And not just by a little bit: We're talking double-digit numbers. The newsstand average of Glamour dropped 10%; Marie Claire fell 11%, Vogue and Teen Vogue both slumped 15% and… »7/29/08 4:00pm7/29/08 4:00pm

Watching Women Talk About Sexism In The Workplace Is Sort Of Like Sexism In The Workplace

Joanne Lipman, the editor of Portfolio, went on CNBC this morning to discuss that story about how women have altogether stopped making progress on the "gender parity" front in corporate America and I was keen to watch since I knew that she used to actually work with two of the anchors, Becky Quick and Carl… »3/25/08 4:30pm3/25/08 4:30pm

Women Are Underrepresented In Corporate America. Corporate America Is A Laughingstock. Coincidence?

Why don't women have more power in corporate America? This month's Portfolio wrings its manicured hands over just that! The number of female board officers of Fortune 500 companies has been steadily falling over the past few years. As is the number of female lawyers! Zoe Cruz and Carly Fiorina, two of capitalism's… »3/20/08 3:00pm3/20/08 3:00pm

Tokyo Fashion Godfather Hates It When "Ugly People" Of Rural America Wear Japanese Clothes

If you or someone you've fucked has ever suffered from multicolored-sneaker addiction, it will not probs not surprise you that a story about Nigo, the Pharell-partnering Japanese "street fashion" i.e. sneakers/T-shirts entrepreneur who founded A Bathing Ape, has spent weeks tearing up the "Most Emailed List" of the… »10/30/07 2:30pm10/30/07 2:30pm

'Jane' Ex-Eds Plead With Ex-Subscribers To Maybe Look Into 'Portfolio' Instead

Ah, poor exiles of the timber-wasting empire that is Conde Nast. Subscribers to its now-shuttered ladymag for people who don't read ladymags Jane are now getting Glamour, which is sort of to Jane what Jane is to .... The Paris Review... and old Jane staffers are pissed that readers have yet to call up and complain en… »8/24/07 10:00am8/24/07 10:00am

Will Your Semitism (Or Lack Thereof) Impact Your Barneys Shopping?

So now that Barneys New York is owned by a Dubai-based investment firm, some (er, Lauren Goldstein Crowe of Portfolio's 'Fashion, Inc'. blog) are convinced that luxury-minded Jews are going to take their business to other luxury department stores because no way in hell will they fund something owned by, you know, Arabs »6/25/07 12:48pm6/25/07 12:48pm

Lauren Goldstein Crowe Joins Righteous Struggle Against Fake Fendis

You know what? After our last post, we thought we were going to take a break from hating 'Portfolio' fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe. We can't, for one thing, get a decent picture of her, because the people who run WireImage won't give us an account, apparently because we are "mean." Also: We are really not… »6/07/07 1:17pm6/07/07 1:17pm

And the Winner of the First Lauren Goldstein Crowe Award Is... Lauren Goldstein Crowe!

Portfolio "Fashion Inc." blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe has a post today about how Manolo Blahnik's discovery of the internet reminds her of a day when "the internet" in the fashion industry was as dirty a word as, you know, "Cleveland." We were totally going to use this opportunity to muse on whether the… »5/31/07 12:22pm5/31/07 12:22pm

'Portfolio' Fashion Blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe Pities Poor Newly Rich In China

H&M is opening in Shanghai, meaning legions of Chinese consumers will now have access to knockoffs made in, er, Bucharest. You probably don't care, but this is kind of mind-blowing from an economic implications/world-being-flat perspective, not that Portfolio fashion blogger Laurie Goldstein Crowe sees it that way:
»4/18/07 12:30pm4/18/07 12:30pm

Conde Nast 'Portfolio' Editor As Thin, Beholden To Advertisers As Other Conde Nast Editors

Two years ago, Si Newhouse, the publisher of Vogue and Glamour tapped a female Wall Street Journal editor for an intriguing new job — start a new business magazine! This was a risky proposition, namely because while the readers of business magazines (ourselves notwithstanding, natch) generally have boatloads of cash,… »4/16/07 9:59am4/16/07 9:59am