Binge Drinkers Voted 'Most Popular' Throughout Young Adulthood

If you're an adult in your 20s who's looking to become the most popular person in your social circle, you might want to double down on the hooch. A new study shows that young adult binge drinkers occupy the highest statuses in their friend groups, mostly because they're the ones usually spearheading the campaign for… »7/17/14 1:45pm7/17/14 1:45pm


Revenge of the Nerds Lied to Us! Popular People Do Better in Life

Many of us have believed that being a late bloomer was a good thing, that our shy, socially awkward ways in high school would be rewarded in spades if we made it to graduation. We heard that if you go through middle school and high school as an ugly duckling, and you are guaranteed to blossom into a brain scientist… »10/23/12 9:30am10/23/12 9:30am