Vatican Concludes Six-Year Investigation of American Nuns 

In 2008, under then-pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican launched a broad investigation into the "quality of life" of American nuns, a move that, to a lot of those nuns, looked like it was meant to forcefully nudge them back in line. On Tuesday, the completed investigation was finally released; instead of being critical, it… » 12/16/14 11:10am 12/16/14 11:10am

Cool Pope to Build Showers for the Homeless in Vatican City

The (comparatively) hip new Pope is really going for it this week, first saying all kinds of compassionate stuff about gay people and divorcees, and now, Religion News Service reports, announcing a plan to build showers for the homeless in St. Peter's Square, the plaza directly in front of Francis's crib. » 11/13/14 5:50pm 11/13/14 5:50pm

Vatican Report Asks If Church Can 'Accept And Value' Lesbians and Gays

A new report from the Roman Catholic Church's two-week long Synod on the Family has left LGBT+ groups cheering and conservative Catholic commentators upset. The Church recognises the "gifts and qualities" of gay people, and asks if the Church can "accept and value" the orientation of lesbians and gays. » 10/13/14 9:57pm 10/13/14 9:57pm

Vatican Asks What Makes Marriage Last; Elderly Couple Says SEX, Duh

On Monday, #chillpope kicked off a big two-week Vatican summit about the Catholic family. Popping by to speak to the gathering were Ron and Mavis Pirola, an Australian couple with 55 years of marriage under their belts, who informed the assembled celibates that, yeah, sex matters. A lot. » 10/07/14 5:20pm 10/07/14 5:20pm

Pope Francis 'Begs Forgiveness' From Catholic Sex Abuse Victims

Pope Francis met with six victims of sexually abusive priests at the Vatican on Monday, where he asked for their forgiveness. This is, at least, his second request following another public appeal back in April where he asked victims to forgive their abusers just before Easter. That move set off anti-abuse protestors… » 7/07/14 3:00pm 7/07/14 3:00pm

​Jokester Pope Cracks a Couple Good Ones Instead of Talking Misogyny

Since stepping up to the papacy last year, Pope Francis has enjoyed the popularity (with a grain of salt) that comes from making a few reasonable statements (and some balls to the walls take downs). Despite his reputation for saying progressive things (that, as Anna March at the Weeklings points out, is undermined by… » 6/29/14 12:38pm 6/29/14 12:38pm