Yay: No Half-Naked Women in the Carl's Jr. Ice Cream Sandwich Ad

On Friday we found out that Carl's Jr. had invented the Pop Tart ice cream sandwich, which is one creamy scoop of vanilla nestled between two strawberry toaster treats. YUM. Now comes the commercial, which treats the dessert like the epic creation it is. And look! It wasn't necessary to involve any scantily-clad… » 7/29/13 6:15pm 7/29/13 6:15pm

Mom Has Traitor Son Arrested for 'Stealing' Her Coveted Pop-Tarts

We've all had those urges to take a few bites out of our roommate's food. You're hankering for some Oreos, but it's raining outside and the Bad Girls Club season finale is about to start. You're home alone, staring at your pantry, wishing that you somehow could get one, just one, Oreo cookie to magically appear in your … » 5/23/13 4:30pm 5/23/13 4:30pm

Tom Hanks' Latest Historical Mini-Series: The History Of The Pop Tart

I'll say it again: Tom Hanks is a national treasure. Here's a clip from his appearance on the Late Show, in which he pokes fun at his habit of making historical mini-series on HBO by announcing his latest pet project: an 11-part series on the creation of the Pop Tart. He plays Bert Loomis, without whom we may have… » 12/16/11 2:20pm 12/16/11 2:20pm

Does Ke$ha Know Something We Don't?

Ke$ha is confusing. When I first heard "Tik Tok," I thought it was a joke. An unfunny morning radio jingle, in which a white girl was "rapping." When I realized it was an actual song, I was incredulous — is this what people like now? I was bewildered by the human race. A year ago, I wrote the words, "her music is fucking… » 4/14/11 5:50pm 4/14/11 5:50pm

Ke$ha Parties With Unicorns In Tuxedos & James Van Der Beek

The video for "Blow" kind of reminds you of that one time in college you took a tab and started tripping and went to a party where you felt the need to lay your hands upon a glowing orb shining in a cave, only to discover you were just sitting on a pile of coats in the bedroom touching a globe-shaped Ikea lamp which was … » 2/25/11 3:18pm 2/25/11 3:18pm

Ke$ha & Oscar The Grouch Are "One In the Same"

Kes$ha is in on the joke, you guys. She knows she is utterly ridiculous, and she is going with it. For some reason her management won't let her sing "Dance Magic Dance" (made famous by David Bowie in Labyrinth) on stage while she's on tour. But whatever. Eric Spitznagel's interview with the pop star includes revelations… » 2/11/11 7:35pm 2/11/11 7:35pm