Charli XCX Made a Wonderful Documentary About Feminism in Pop

Just two minutes into Charli XCX’s documentary about feminism in pop, The F Word And Me, Charli is seen doing press before her set at the Glastonbury Festival in London . After a female reporter asks her which essential item she’d bring to a festival (“Vodka,” says Charli), it cuts to an off-camera male interviewer… »Wednesday 4:40pm11/25/15 4:40pm


Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift Sing 'Complicated,' Are Besties Again

Leave it to Taylor to tidy up a squabble quickly and, if possible, in the most maximalist way. Mere days after a social media-based tiff, misunderstanding, whatever you want to call it, Taylor invited Avril to the stage at her San Diego show. They performed “Complicated,” Taylor beamed and squeezed Avril — everything… »8/30/15 5:49pm8/30/15 5:49pm

Ariana Grande Talks Misogyny and Double Standards, Quotes Gloria Steinem

Following an interview with The Sun where Ariana Grande shut down rumors of her dating One Direction’s Niall Horan by saying, “A girl can be friends with someone with a dick and not hop on it,” the singer took to her social media to share thoughts on being single and the double standards between men and women. Grande… »6/07/15 4:00pm6/07/15 4:00pm

Pop Stars Celebrate Women's Rights in Stilettos and Leather Underwear

The Chime for Change's Sound of Change concert, which took place in London on Saturday night — and aired on NBC last night in the US — is part of a global campaign to raise funds and awareness for girls' and women's empowerment. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Rita Ora were among the performers at the event, but some… »6/03/13 4:00pm6/03/13 4:00pm

Don't Want to Die Early? Join a Band Instead of Becoming a Solo Artist.

Despite what you may have heard from the Circle Jerks, Rick Ross and the insistent warbling of Ke$ha, not all pop stars live by the motto "die young." But a study looking at the careers of 1,400 rock and pop stars — famous between 1956 and 2006 — found that solo artists were twice as likely to die prematurely when… »12/20/12 1:40pm12/20/12 1:40pm

Madonna's Nipple Was Actually Protesting Proposed Turkish Abortion Ban

When Madonna accidentally (maybe on purpose) flashed her nipple at the crowd during an Istanbul concert, the world asked Why? Now, it appears, we have answers: Madge's slip was designed to show solidarity with Turkish women as the country's government mulls a very restrictive abortion and C-section ban. Oh, ok. Yeah,… »6/11/12 3:30pm6/11/12 3:30pm