Chinese Officials Debate Why South Korea's Soap Operas Are Better

There's a lot going on in China, so it may come as a surprise that when the country's two highest governing boards met in Beijing last week, the hottest topic of discussion wasn't the recent terrorist attack that left 33 dead or the country's economy; it was a South Korean soap opera that's been sweeping the nation… » 3/08/14 6:40pm 3/08/14 6:40pm

Watch Two 100-Year-Old BFFs Discuss Twerking, Selfies, Bieber and More

Irene and Alice have been friends for 94 years. NINETY. FOUR. (That should help you put that weird Facebook friendship with your boss' ex-wife in perspective, yeah?) Via The Steve Harvey Show, the pair sat down to discuss everything in pop culture, from the trials and tribulations of Justin Bieber to "selfies" and a… » 2/11/14 8:30pm 2/11/14 8:30pm

Breaking News! Female Protagonists Are Still Rare in Gaming and Movies

Despite Geena Davis's simple, two-step process (so easy, a misogynistic producer can use!), women remain woefully underrepresented both behind and within the scenes of the movie and gaming industries. » 1/05/14 2:30pm 1/05/14 2:30pm

Supercut Of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Proves Which Song Really Won 2013

Still think Robin Thicke's rapey song "Blurred Lines" was the Song of 2013? Mmmm...might want to check out this insane supercut from our friends at Stereogum. » 12/26/13 10:30pm 12/26/13 10:30pm

15 Super Sexy Hypothetical Novels About American Presidents

Did you hear? Thanks to Scandal and new novel "The First Affair," having sex with the president is totally having a moment right now. Fine, have your moment, Sex with the President — but if we're really going ahead with this trend in pop culture, I think we better fully commit to it. » 8/30/13 7:10pm 8/30/13 7:10pm

Pink's New Video Features Hot Hubby Action and a Teddy Bear with…

Pink's new single "Just Give Me a Reason" is catchy, and the video is a kinda dreamy like a "So You Think You Can Dance" contemporary dance routine. Featuring tattoos from her husband Carey Hart, and vocals from Nate Ruess of the band fun, it might make you cry. Or lull you to sleep. You be the judge! » 2/05/13 10:30pm 2/05/13 10:30pm

Sparkly Nail Polish, Katy Perry, and Frozen Eggs: Meet the Woman-Child

The "woman child" is having a real moment. She's an increasingly prominent and powerful breed of pop-culture female who seems to be aging backwards. She's a counterpart to the "man-child" stars of Judd Apatow movies; she would rather rally girlfriends to see The Hunger Games than the more peer-group-appropriate What… » 9/10/12 11:45am 9/10/12 11:45am

Our Unyielding Obsession with Jennifer Aniston

If you've been under a rock for the last couple of days, I am here to inform you that we can all calm down now because Jennifer Aniston has finally gotten engaged. If you haven't been under a rock, you have been inundated with hideously titled articles that make me want to cringe. CNN did a photo spread called » 8/14/12 5:40pm 8/14/12 5:40pm

Pop Culture Is Literally Teeming with Vaginas

Has anyone noticed that "vagina," the trisyllabic word for a vagina, has been popping up everywhere recently? You can hardly turn on the TV or go to the movies without running into like a hundred "vaginas," a fact that is sometimes praised as evidence of gender equality, and other times derided as yet another crass,… » 5/28/12 12:25pm 5/28/12 12:25pm

Start Shrieking, Ladies: Boy Bands Are Back

What goes around comes around. The universe is made of cycles. Lately pop music has been dominated by women — female solo artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Adele. But after a few years — a short hiatus — boy bands are back. » 3/08/12 12:30pm 3/08/12 12:30pm

Guy Watches Mediocre Movie 365 Times

Taking stunt-journalism to its nadir, one dude's watching Julie and Julia every day for a year and blogging it. Post-modern marvel or laziest, most cynical gimmick since the Kardashian Kard? You be the judge! » 12/09/10 1:41pm 12/09/10 1:41pm

Has A Pop-Culture Addiction Ever Taken Over Your Life?

Though it's easy to poke fun at the obsessive nature of Twilight fans, Christine Spines of the LA Times notes that for some Twihards, an addiction to sparkly vampires is actually destroying their lives. » 6/27/10 11:30am 6/27/10 11:30am

The Secret Lives Of Fictional Characters

Think celebrity baby names are weird? The Pillsbury Doughboy has a wife named Poppie Fresh and two kids named Popper and Bun Bun, and Mr. Clean's real first name is "Veritably." [CNN] » 6/13/10 4:50pm 6/13/10 4:50pm

Out Of The Drama Hallway And Into The Spotlight: Meet "The Glee…

When I was ten years old, I signed up for a musical theater course that was being held at a traditional summer camp. We sang, danced, and took sing-a-longs of "Boom-Chicka-Boom" very seriously. Everyone at camp thought we were dorks. » 6/13/10 12:40pm 6/13/10 12:40pm

Retro Styles And Gender Play: Beyoncé's 'Why Don't You Love Me'

Beyoncé's new video for "Why Don't You Love Me" debuted last week, with a nod to 1950s homemaker style — and interesting commentary on ideas of womanhood, past and present. » 5/14/10 6:00pm 5/14/10 6:00pm

How Are Teenage Girls Supposed To Identify As Feminists With These Role…

She's staring at me like I've just insinuated she embodies the anti-Christ. "A feminist? No, I'm not a feminist. Oh my God." » 5/06/10 2:00pm 5/06/10 2:00pm

How Ke$ha Divides The Masses And Tears Us Apart

Ke$ha. No matter what you think of her, you can't argue that the "Tik Tok" singer has managed make herself a topic. And in doing so, she is severing the musical ties that bind. It's a pop-culture Civil War. » 3/29/10 4:00pm 3/29/10 4:00pm

Since When Is Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" Considered Rap?

Electro-pop star Ke$ha currently has a number one hit on iTunes, with her Asher Roth meets Miley Cyrus meets Rapture-era Blondie meets Basement Jaxx sound. So why does the NY Times think she symbolizes the new rise of white rappers? » 12/28/09 12:30pm 12/28/09 12:30pm