CDC Confirms That It's the Pee in the Pool That Makes Your Eyes Red

With swimsuit season finally here, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided to brighten your summer by releasing an important new report which confirms that yes, your gross red swimmer’s eyes are caused by the large amounts of pee in the pool and not by chlorine as previously thought. »6/24/15 3:15pm6/24/15 3:15pm


Munster Has His Swimming Technique Down Despite His Overwhelming Fear of the Abyss

Munster has read all about swimming, practiced his technique in bowls of butterscotch pudding, and read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He's probably read it too many times, though, because, as this video makes quite clear, he's developed an acute fear of What Lies Beneath (giant squid and megalodon). Sad face for… »7/22/12 5:30pm7/22/12 5:30pm

Man and His Pet Polar Bear Enjoy a Casual Afternoon Swim

Spending the afternoon in the pool with your dog (or unusually brave cat) sounds fun, but what if your pet is a polar bear? A polar bear? Yes, a polar bear. Mark Dumas and his pet polar bear Dawn enjoy taking the occasional dip together, and, while it does look quite refreshing, it's hard to imagine one could ever… »4/11/12 11:55pm4/11/12 11:55pm