Don't Tell Them That Half of All Shetland Pony Marriages End In Divorce

Once upon a time in Surrey, England, after (one would assume) living in a stable of sin together for quite some time, two ponies were joined together in holy matrimony. "I brought a present as well," says one sheepish guest. "It's rather embarrassing. But I'm into the spirit of it." A wedding sans in-laws where… »12/01/12 4:15pm12/01/12 4:15pm

Jumanji Is Real: There's a Zebra and a Pony Running Around Staten Island

A handful of Staten Island shoppers got a cool surprise today when a pony and zebra ran unaccompanied through a local parking lot. They were pursued moments later by the handlers that were attempting to capture them. The pair ultimately were caught and returned to captivity, but don't be fooled. This is real life… »11/28/12 7:15pm11/28/12 7:15pm

Mitt Romney's Fancy Horse Is Worth More Than Your Entire Family. Seriously.

Rafalca, Mitt Romney's frou frou Olympics-bound dressage horse, nets the family a $77,000 tax credit per year. Since Normals who produce mere human children only get a $1,000 tax credit per child, it therefore stands to reason that Rafalca Romney is worth 77 human children. Certainly more than your entire family. »6/20/12 6:00pm6/20/12 6:00pm