Let's Take A Moment To Gawk At Prince Harry In A Tight T-Shirt

Yesterday, Prince Harry and Prince William — sorry, the Duke Of Cambridge — played in the Sentebale Polo Cup at Coworth Park Polo Club, Ascot, Berkshire. William played for team Tusk and Prince Harry played for Sentebale. Tusk won. But. More important: The press is breathlessly reporting that Harry "removed his… »6/13/11 4:08pm6/13/11 4:08pm

Polo, India's only gorilla at the zoo in Mysore, can't find a mate.
Polo, India's only gorilla »10/23/08 11:20am10/23/08 11:20am at the zoo in Mysore, can't find a mate. The director of the zoo has been on an eight-year search to find a companion for the tall, dark and good-natured western lowland gorilla, but no other zoo is willing to part with a primate to help Polo out. Polo's keepers are worried that the lack of…